1. ChrisR

    Aperture won't work on MacOS 10.15+ So, what next, Capture One?

    I'm an Aperture diehard, though currently exploring alternative non-destructive editors with DAMs. I'm currently running very happily on 10.13 (High Sierra), and I'm resisting moving to Mojave just now. Is anyone using Aperture on Mojave? Over on PhotoJoseph, Stevewayne23 wrote: "I haven’t...
  2. doodledsnaps

    Focal length for product photography - 9mm or 90mm?

    Just to set the scene I take shots of ceramic tableware in a tent or on worktops with two or three 100 Watt continuous lights. I'm restricted with lighting because I don't have the space for flash lights with soft boxes. This is our own product, I'm not a professional photographer by any stretch...
  3. Lianne

    Beginner Under exposure confusion!

    Hello, I have just completed a diploma in photography, I would like to do baby photography, I'm practicing on every child in my family but I'm noticing that even tho I have the shutter speed,aperture and iOS where they need to be for correct exposure on light meter when I put them on to my...
  4. Ronnie Mutch

    Beginner Shallow Depth of Field

    I was out in the garden with the cat just now and I was practising shallow depth of field photos. I thought it was as simple as getting a really high f stop value and getting close to the subject, but I was really struggling to get what I wanted. The best one (below) actually had a value of f7.1...