1. C


    I really love the clear, blue waters of the Philippines!
  2. Will.B

    Milton Sands Rock Arch

    Happened upon this lovely place on a day trip in Devon.
  3. MrDrizz

    Calm waters, Meols Beach, Wirral.

    Same boat as one of my other posts nd the same level of dodgy PhotoChopping Stranded by Mark Boadey X-T20, XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS@25.4 mm, f10.0, 25s, ISO200
  4. GooGaBu

    Another waterside sunset

    Took this with my pocket Olympus on our holiday the other week. It reminded me of the old days when I met my wife - and I was just starting out photography.. and every evening we had to stay out on some hill/field/beach.. and me taking pictures of sunsets :-) Haven't done this for a while - but...
  5. TGphoto

    Formby Sunset

    Hi all, Took this recently at Formby. I was initially on the beach, but couldn't find a composition I liked so went back on the walkway to see what I could find. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.... Cheers A beautiful northern sunset - Formby Beach by Thomas Green, on Flickr']A...
  6. Olivia Green

    Beginner Which Camera for an Amateur Landscape Photographer?

    Photography is not a profession but a hobby. I like traveling and have a thing for taking great landscape photographs. Clicking pictures of beaches, rocks, mountain peaks and beautiful landscapes is something I love. Have already purchased Nikon D3200 with 18-55 kit lens and a tripod. As I said...
  7. W

    Holy Island Haar

    On a family holiday so grabbing the odd shot with my new EM5 ii. Really impressed so far and got lucky with the haar rolling in just as we were leaving. I can't remember the last time I shot a landscape handheld as I usually use a tripod. Lots of fun with the pocket rocket as the wee Oly creates...
  8. ElmerFudd

    Critique Blackpool - Dabbling with long exposures

    I've only had a couple of attempts at landscape photography before, but I was in Blackpool at the weekend and knew I would have a couple of hours spare early on Sunday morning, so I took the camera bag and tripod. Decided to break out the little used B+W 10 stop ND filter. The 'sea shell' is...
  9. Fuji Dave


    So yesterday went to the beach with the X-T2 + XF 35mm f2 to get some shots of storm Eleanore and got to say it was great to see the power of the waves. Then got talking to a bloke who was doing the same but using a Nikon, we saw so many fools and idiots risking their lives and also their...
  10. CMCImages

    A morning on the Golden Coast, (Bamburgh) :D

    Spent the morning wandering the beach of Bamburgh on Tuesday and i loved every minute of it, I have recently made the change to Fuji now shooting with the Fuji X-T2 and looking for nice compositions and being alone it was fun to just walk round and shoot using a superb new camera system. 1...
  11. Will.B

    Byron Dreamtime

    Hello, been a while since i've posted anything. Been a while since i took any pics really. I got out the other day though and had a wander at the beach in a town i was staying in for a few days. Byron Bay on east coast of Australia. I'm out here travelling and seeing some family and friends...
  12. Stevieraith

    Critique Brighton Pebbles

    This is the first image i have submitted to TP, so be kind :)
  13. terryfay1983

    Beginner Brighton Seafront

    From the pier looking back to the coastline, was a family day out and had my camera so got a quick snap here Brighton by Terry Fay, on Flickr
  14. monkeyleader

    Back into the Dunes ...

    Simply love the grasses that surround our coastline ..also love the quality of the jpeg files on the Fujifilm cameras ... this was actually 1/15second handheld as well ...
  15. J Veitch

    Had a Devil of a time in Tasmania

    I was lucky enough to spend a little time Down Under last monthv visiting family. I thought I would share some of the pics from the trip. As always, I'm more than happy to hear anyones views / crit on any of them. I'll also say I thoroughly enjoyed myself, with Classics from the 60s and a...
  16. wessyfiesta

    Filey Beach

    Filey Beach by sam gosnay, on Flickr Filey Beach taken from the brigg
  17. J

    Good B&W composition

    Sorry can't seem to edit the title... it should read "good composition?" Hi guys, I'm working on my B&W work and hoping to do a few in the near future. I went out on this particular day with B&W in mind as it was a very grey day. I found some rocks and thought the differing contrast and angles...
  18. monkeyleader

    Next Time ...

    After coming across a little intimate scene I quite liked I setup the Fuji XT1 and waited for the light .... took the odd dander around and generally enjoyed the morning .... About 45 minutes later and just as the sun was rising over the dunes an over-excited pooch rampaged through the scene...
  19. alvaroalonso

    Sunset in Sanlucar de Barrameda (Spain)

    This picture was taken during the month of May of 2016 with a Nikon D50. The light that day was particularly charming and that's why I decided to take a picture. This photo hasn’t got any photo editing effects (except the watermark).
  20. MrDrizz

    Southport Pier

    Spent the afternoon kicking around Crosby and Southport with no pre-planning or idea of what to shoot. Did a little experimenting with long exposures in Crosby and got this simple shot while in Southport. Southport Pier by Mr Drizz, on Flickr
  21. monkeyleader

    Benone Strand Dawn

    Morning all, A great location if reflections and patterns in the sand are your thing .. Merged some clips from the InstaStory feed .... A rather nice morning .. cheers, Nige
  22. MrDrizz

    Mary's Shell

    So this is Mary's Shell which is on the beach at Cleveleys, just north of Blackpool. Went with a long exposure, not to everyone taste I know. I am however becoming a long exposure junkie. Mary's Shell by Mr Drizz, on Flickr
  23. Broken

    Beach Photo (can it be saved)

    Hi all, Here is a photo I done on holiday I'm not so happy with this it wasn't 100% in focus and I cant seem to get the PP right and get it how I want it its kinda blown out on highlights was a very bright day though? landscape is new for me so this was my first attempt! gone wrong any advice...
  24. MrDrizz

    Couple from Fleetwood

    So took a drive up to Fleetwood, my second time there, hoping for a good sunset, anyway it was OK. I got these 2 pictures, I'm happy enough but I know I can do better I just wasn't feeling the composition. Wasn't wasted eveing though as I love being by the sea, more so when the tide is coming...
  25. monkeyleader

    In Search of Small Fortunes

    A bit of ICM along the coast ..
  26. MrDrizz

    Sea Guard

    I've wanted to try this shot for a long time, got a chance today. I am happy with it but for sure will revisit it as I want this scene as a print. Went at the wrong time of day really, although overcast the sun was high in the sky making it a little too bright, I had to stack 3 ND's and put the...
  27. monkeyleader

    Coastal Storms

    Twas only as the first drops of rain started to fall that I remembered just how far the Car Park is at Holkham ....
  28. MrDrizz

    Southport Beach Sunset. Old Picture Re-edited.

    This is from way back in 2008, taken using a Canon 40D and a Sigma 10-22mm. Decided to re-edit it as a HDR as HDR has improved a bit since I made this. The shot was a setup, the log wasn't just there I carried it from the Dunes and carefully placed it in position.