1. mcneep

    BTCC Brands Hatch 2017

    First time with a DSLR in many Years so nice and happy with the results. All images shot using a Nikon D7000 and Nikon 18-200mm lens. All shots edited with Windows 10 photo editor. BTCC Brands Hatch by Scotland_77, on Flickr BTCC Brands Hatch by BTCC Brands Hatch by Scotland_77, on Flickr...
  2. mjkent

    Brands Hatch BTCC - Amateur trying to improve...

    Hi, I am relatively new to photography and this is only my second experience at motorsport photography. I'd really appreciate some critique. All images were taken with a Canon 70D and Sigma 70-200 lens and edited in Lightroom. Thanks for looking. Mike
  3. CMCImages

    90s BTCC at Knockhill.

    David Leslie Tribute race weekend at Knockhill was great to see the classic BTCC cars getting put through there pace 1. Frank Biela reunited with his Audi A4 (Classic Edit) 2. Colin Knoble jr in Triple 8s last built Super Touring Vectra 3. Alain Menus 2000 Super Touring Ford Mondeo...
  4. JohnStewart

    BTCC Knockhill

    Here's a few of my photos from the annual BTCC visit to Knockhill. Images hosted on FB, so apologies for any compression 1. One of the many grid girls 2. Matt Simpson at Clarks in race 3: 3. Track Limits ??? 4. Dave Newsham overtaking Matt Neal around the outside at the bottom of Duffus...