eos r5

  1. WelshTony

    R5 Freezing?

    I’ve had my R5 for a couple of months and am really happy with it. However, yesterday I came across my first issue. I had the 100-500mm lens on the R5, in servo mode, animal eye detect, mechanical shutter, burst drive setting and RAW. I was shooting birds at my local nature reserve, and had...
  2. WelshTony

    CFExpress Card getting Hot in Reader

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but I’ve done a search and cannot find anything. I use a Lexar 128GB CFExpress Card in my R5, and have noticed that when I insert the card in the Lexar CFExpress Card reader connected to my iMac, after downloading the files to my computer and eject the...
  3. Bevvo

    Canon EOS R Series Cameras

    Please feel free to discuss everything Canon EOS R related in this thread. First-hand experiences from owners would be appreciated, although not mandatory. At present there is just the EOS R in production, but it’s highly likely that the camera will be the first of many mirrorless R’s from...