1. DraycottPhotography

    British Superbikes - Donington Park Sunday 26th May 2019

    Sunday was my first visit to a British Superbikes event. This is only my 3rd time photographing motorbikes but I really enjoy it and luckily when the rain arrived I didn't need to put the camera away. Lots of images below and would love to know your feedback. Images shot with the Olympus OMD...
  2. Massive crash

    Massive crash

    Donington Park - No LImits Racing
  3. Graphix501

    MotoGP from Silverstone (in the cheap seats again)

    Hey all, So it was back to using the steel mesh filter for me, definitely been spoilt this year - It's been a couple of years away from the 2 wheeled stuff, and I still know nothing :) Here's a few from me - C&C most welcome... 1. People kept waving and shouting at this guy? Valentino Rossi -...
  4. Graphix501

    The Wild & Woolly 2016 (Motocross)

    So I got up nice and early on Boxing Day with a mean hangover to go and see something I've never seen before. A 1 hour test of stamina as motocross riders traverse a mile long track through horrible conditions - it was Amazing to watch! "Boxing Day is normally the day of recovery from the...
  5. Robbieerobstar


    A couple of shots from a recent Speedway meeting at Ryde I,.W. Olympus EM1 plus 40 - 150 f2.8 PRO
  6. Sejanus Aelianus

    Police Motorbykes

    Probably on their way to the Devon County Show...