nikon d3500

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    Beginner NIKON D3500 - Zoom Lens advice please

    hello, just looking for advice please for our daughter, as we know nothing about photography and it’s all a bit minefield out there to us, sorry! Our daughter is 15yrs old and just getting into photography. We have recently bought her a Nikon D3500 dslr camera as advised by the online...
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    Looking to purchase a new camera, looking at beginner's dslr or a bridge. Main use likely to be landscapes / portraits etc.

    I like the sound of Nikon D3500. My query concerns having a couple of old manual focus lenses and, if they be usable at all with a new dslr? Lenses concerned are Cosina MC 1 : 4.5 - 6.7. 100 - 400mm, and Carl Zeiss MC S 1: 3.5 f =135. I am assuming I would need lens adaptors, and hopefully...