nikon d850

  1. Justin Case

    Timelapse tutorial: How to zoom and pan in post production (8k timelapses with Nikon D850)

    Timelapses: How to get the Ken Burns effect (zoom and pan) with Lightroom, LRTimelapse 5 and After Effects. Although it is a tutorial, I also show my first series of 8k timelapses shot with the Nikon D850 View:
  2. Kinobe

    Nikon D850 - Owners Thread

    Hi all, I haven't seen a Nikon D850 thread, bar the "Development Post" but thought it is useful to create a Nikon D850 owners thread to include your thoughts, loves/hates, techy and images from the Nikon D850. I've had one for near on 8 weeks upgrading from a D810 and have to say after initial...