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    Online Photo Printing / Display Options - Complete Newbie!

    I take pictures of a place very spacial to me in Dorset and I have been asked to sell some of them. I am only a novice photographer so I didnt want to as felt would be too much pressure as my work is not perfect! But I have decided to get some printed and offer them to be sold at charity events...
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    Where to buy rolls of paper in the UK

    Just looking for recommendations on the best prices for decent rolls of background paper in London (UK) - white and black for starters? I bought a stand and a roll of paper from Calumet but now that their 30% off sale is over maybe there's another place I can look as well? Thanks for any help!
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    Finishing Art Prints

    Hi All I am starting to do more fine art prints on the Hahnemuhle art paper. I looking at the finish off the prints and wonder if and what you do when come to mounting you artwork and numbering your work please? Do Hahnemuhle protective sprays for them do any off you use it? What sort off...