1. Starters Orders - Restless Rose

    Starters Orders - Restless Rose

    Off to the starting line after the paddock parade
  2. T

    Kayak marathon racing

    I had the pleasure of watching some of the best kayak marathon racers in the UK last weekend. The weather was terrible 40+mph gusts, but the athletes took it in there stride and went on the water to win. The skill, power, speed and balance was amazing. Below are a few snaps from last weekend...
  3. Graphix501

    British GT 2019 so far

    So it's been a busy start to 2019 for me, I can't believe we're almost halfway through the year already... Here's a delayed selection from the media day and first two rounds of the best domestic GT series in the world :) (hamming it up) 1. Good to see some top flight teams joining in this year...
  4. PhotoBoris

    Pre '66 Touring Cars & Pre '83 Group 1 Touring Cars at Oulton Park

    Here are a few shots taken in one of the old touring car series categories at Oulton Park over the weekend. It was really well attended and as usual, very well organised by BARC. 1 Pre '66 Touring Cars & Pre '83 Group 1 Touring Cars - BARC, Oulton Park-222 by G B, on Flickr 2...
  5. Graphix501

    My Year in the fast lane

    Hi all, It seems every year I do one of these wrap-ups they get closer and closer together :( I must be old now. It's coming up to 10 years now since I picked up my first DSLR and a lot has happened in those years - hopefully the pictures continue to improve :D Anyway, here's a selection from...
  6. PhotoBoris

    2CVPARTS.COM Classic Racing Championship

    A few shots from the 2CV event at Oulton Park over the weekend. I have to say, these things take forever to circulate the track - you literally seem to have minutes between each pass... 1 2CV - Passing Down the Straight - Oulton Park by G B, on Flickr 2 2CV - Oulton Park by G B, on Flickr 3...
  7. Jesoid

    British GT Championships

    I make no bones about my dislike of Silverstone Circuit. Generally I find the attitude to photographers unwelcoming. Credit where it is due though, I persevered this Saturday and spent a paltry £15 on quite an enjoyable day. Roaming around in the sweltering afternoon sun, I chatted to some...
  8. Graphix501

    My 2017 Motorsport Wrap Sheet

    Hi All, It might be a bit early but my motorsport season has come to an end. Been a busy year for me with season accreditation for the British GT, one-off media gigs for the WEC and Silverstone Classic (a couple of speccy outings for the Moto GP and F1 too). Met a lot of people and again have...
  9. Graphix501

    British GT - Snetterton

    Hey everyone, so second round of the championship for me (3rd in the actual championship) - sunny for the most part as I've now ditched the curse of endless rain. Here's a very small selection of my efforts - C&C most welcome as always (the more honest the better - don't hold back :D) 1. The...
  10. Graphix501

    Even more WEC - Silverstone

    Hey All, 2017 is shaping up to be a busy year for me with full season accreditation for the British GT, so naturally I skived off the first round to work media for the WEC instead :confused: Some great threads already posted in here, hopefully I don't let the side down considering I don't have...
  11. Graphix501

    My 2016 Motorsport Wrap Sheet

    well my motorsport season is over - so as is traditional here's a small collection of my favourites :) Its been a busy year with more accredited events than not - met a lot of very talented people, its a wholly humbling experience :) All comments and criticisms gratefully received. Thanks 1...
  12. newbie1

    Panners runners - for feedback

    Hello everyone Yesterday I tried panning runners for the first time and struggled to get much that was sharp. I'd really appreciate feedback on the following shots to know how to improve: 1. PS3A1956 by Good Lux Photos, on Flickr 2. PS3A1802 by Good Lux Photos, on Flickr 3. PS3A2204-Edit...