1. Moey

    Drummer Wanted.

    We're after a drummer for our band based in North Lincolnshire/North East Lincolnshire. We're an original band with four members currently, but wanting a drummer to finish the line up. We'd describe ourselves as progressive rock, although we are on iTunes/Spotify/Alexa etc if anyone is...
  2. Will.B

    Milton Sands Rock Arch

    Happened upon this lovely place on a day trip in Devon.
  3. MrDrizz

    Fort Perch Rock Light House

    Thought I was in luck when the high tide and sunset coincided. Fort Perch Rock Light House. by Mr Drizz, on Flickr
  4. MrDrizz

    Rocky shores, north west England or North Wales

    Hey, So as you might have noticed from my other posts I'm new to this landscape photography thingy and as such finding certain types location can be a little hard. Something I really want to shoot is a rocky coast line, somewhere I can get right on the shore line and get my feet wet. Now ideally...