1. West Beach 200719 Small 1.jpg

    West Beach 200719 Small 1.jpg

    Sunset from West Beach, Lossiemouth in Moray, Scotland. One of my favourite views.
  2. 199.jpg


    199 Steps, Whitby
  3. martinfuge

    Sea Pup Waving Hello

    Hello, The other day was my first visit of the year to Donna Nook nature reserve to photograph the seals. Bit too early as most were still out away from the fence but there was a few close to the fence line like this one I capture who loved the cameras. This was probably one of my favourite...
  4. Will.B


  5. jmcdyre

    Critique Stormy Welsh Coast

    Not posted on here for a while. Was lucky enough (?) to be in Wales during the recent stormy weather and managed to get these that I enjoy, but as ever happy to receive pointers to improve. Biggest hurdle on all of these was having to protect my camera (D5600) from the spray being blown my way...
  6. PhotoBoris

    Cruise Ships

    Here are a few shots of cruise ships, both those I have traveled on and others I have encountered on our travels. RCL Symphony of the Seas MS Symphony of the Seas in Civitavecchia by G B, on Flickr AidaPerla MS Aida Perla - Southampton by G B, on Flickr Emerald Princess MV Emerald Princess...
  7. Ronnie Mutch

    Bow fiddle Rock - North East Scotland.

    Stunning weather at the weekend. Took this when we had a wee detour on the way home from the Portsoy Boat Festival.
  8. W

    Holy Island Haar

    On a family holiday so grabbing the odd shot with my new EM5 ii. Really impressed so far and got lucky with the haar rolling in just as we were leaving. I can't remember the last time I shot a landscape handheld as I usually use a tripod. Lots of fun with the pocket rocket as the wee Oly creates...
  9. ElmerFudd

    Critique Blackpool - Dabbling with long exposures

    I've only had a couple of attempts at landscape photography before, but I was in Blackpool at the weekend and knew I would have a couple of hours spare early on Sunday morning, so I took the camera bag and tripod. Decided to break out the little used B+W 10 stop ND filter. The 'sea shell' is...
  10. SFTPhotography

    Sunset at Rattray Head

    Took a wee trip to my favourite lighthouse up in Aberdeenshire last Wednesday. The forecast was promising. Light wise the trip certainly delivered but the waves didn't break around the lighthouse which was a shame. It must be due to the tides as often they do and it's also not home to dozens of...
  11. LouiseTopp

    Minack theatre, Cornwall

    Hi does this shot work OK? Many thanks.
  12. Geoff Moore

    Porlock Weir

    A quick adventure to Porlock Weir in Somerset at the weekend, wasn't expecting much as 1 I had never heard of the place and 2 the images on line looked a little drabb from my 5 min research over a cuppa T. However I very surprised at the opportunities the location provides and even got a very...
  13. Jusklaud

    Lone boat

    Storm closing in Thanks Lonely boat by Justin Saunders, on Flickr
  14. MrDrizz

    Rocky 1, 2 and 3

    So went back to Llanddwyn Island with no real idea of what I wanted to capture. So did a little experimenting and here's the results. One thing I will add, the Cokin filter I own have to go, the colour cast is very hard to correct, it's compounded if you say have a .3 ND and then add a grad. The...
  15. monkeyleader

    A Walk Along The Beach

    More from my 'Play with the iPhone' series ...
  16. Broken

    Beach Photo (can it be saved)

    Hi all, Here is a photo I done on holiday I'm not so happy with this it wasn't 100% in focus and I cant seem to get the PP right and get it how I want it its kinda blown out on highlights was a very bright day though? landscape is new for me so this was my first attempt! gone wrong any advice...
  17. Mag1cp2x

    Bognor International Birdman

    The famous Bognor International Birdman Event took place over this weekend. The 'flyers' are very brave, it's a long way down into a cold and stormy sea. Unfortunately the light was awful and there were strong, gusting winds, the event had to be abandoned halfway through Sunday afternoon due to...
  18. MrDrizz

    Couple from Fleetwood

    So took a drive up to Fleetwood, my second time there, hoping for a good sunset, anyway it was OK. I got these 2 pictures, I'm happy enough but I know I can do better I just wasn't feeling the composition. Wasn't wasted eveing though as I love being by the sea, more so when the tide is coming...
  19. jmcdyre

    Beginner A few shots after taking on a few tips...

    Hi Folks, I posted a few shots a couple of months ago for your opinions, and received some great tips. So I've been putting them to use on a recent trip to Donegal, Ireland and would like to share for even more tips :) Leitir by J McDyre, on Flickr shame about the telephone lines :( Dooey...
  20. MrDrizz

    Back to Blundellsands

    So I went back to Blundellsands Sailing Club to see how high, high tide was. I wasn't as high as I thought and it left me wondering if people actually go out in the boats that are moored there. anyway there wasn't any kind of sunset, I didn't expect one, but I still managed to squeeze off a few...
  21. MrDrizz

    First time at Llanddwyn Island

    So took a quick trip (if a 4 hour round journey is quick) over to Llanddwyn island in Angelsey. I was hoping for a decent sunset, but that didn't happen so I spent some of the time trying out long exposures of the rocks out in the sea. Here's a couple. by Mr Drizz, on Flickr by Mr Drizz...
  22. Jusklaud

    Simplicity - Lighthouse at penmom

    Visiting Anglesey , UK Moody day
  23. MrDrizz

    My attempt at South Stack Lighthouse

    Went back to Holyhead on Saturday to shoot South Stack. Hope you like it. DSCF8741_HDR by Mr Drizz, on Flickr
  24. MrDrizz

    Beginner First visit to Penmon Lighthouse

    When I was planning this the night before I didn't have a good feeling, the radar said there was zero cloud cover but there would be very little wind. Anyway I got up at 3am regardless and headed to Penmon. Needless to say the sky was as predicted and while there was some lovely colours I just...
  25. MrDrizz

    Rocky shores, north west England or North Wales

    Hey, So as you might have noticed from my other posts I'm new to this landscape photography thingy and as such finding certain types location can be a little hard. Something I really want to shoot is a rocky coast line, somewhere I can get right on the shore line and get my feet wet. Now ideally...
  26. Jusklaud

    Boats in the bay

    boats at conwy bay, wales UK
  27. monkeyleader

    Transient Light

    Ballycastle Beach, Northern Ireland .. Fuji XE2 + Samyang 12mm ISO 200, f/11, 0.6 seconds 1 stop ND SE Grad This is the jpeg with the Mono+Ye cheers, Nige
  28. Talacre Lighthouse Sunset

    Talacre Lighthouse Sunset

    Seascape Sunset at Talacre Lighthouse North Wales UK