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    Monitor Mode confusion

    Thanks, I get it now and I agree with the above. I had a chat with someone over at X-Rite. They said I would be best using the Native mode (calibrated) for everything given my work streams. Native is the maximum that the monitor can do, which in my case is 99% aRGB. When I export I will check...
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    Monitor Mode confusion

    Thanks @droj but I'm still confused. I'm thinking I should be doing the following, but would like conformation or a pointer as to where I should change my work flow. For digital – Shoot RAW, Edit in Native monitor mode, export for printing and web use sRGB (using soft proof). For film – scan...
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    Monitor Mode confusion

    Hi There, I'm getting a bit confused and I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a Dell 2713H monitor, an X-Rite i1 and the Dell UltraSharp calibration solution tool installed on the computer. The monitor has several modes and I don't know which one(s) I should be using for editing (Lightroom &...
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    My Rome trip

    Thank you, I tried to get pictures of how I saw it rather than what I had seen on google. I took a chance going at the start of November, I lucked in with the weather, 21 pretty much all the time and only an hour or two of occasional cloud, other than that very sunny and just the right...
  5. St. Peter's Basilica - Rome - November 2016-99

    St. Peter's Basilica - Rome - November 2016-99

  6. Rome - November 2016-151

    Rome - November 2016-151

  7. The Roman Forum - Rome - November 2016-137

    The Roman Forum - Rome - November 2016-137

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    My Rome trip

    Hi all, I just finished sorting my holiday pictures from a recent solo trip to Rome and created a blog post for them. If you have a few minutes to spare please check it out, hopefully it all works ok. A couple of example shots
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    Film and camera metering

    I ran a few tests, I thought that maybe scanning the negative frame might skew the reading but I don't think it does. I also compared the default range of 20-245 to my usual setting of 0-255, at the end I switched from a standard profile to the ektar profile. The ektar definitely brings out the...
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    Film and camera metering

    I didn't think the camera would have an effect but I thought I best check just in case I was missing something blatant. The scanner I'm using is a Screen Cezanne Elite, I turn off all settings and only use the embedded profile for Ektar 100. I did look at getting a scanning profile for negative...
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    Film and camera metering

    HI there, I'm wondering if someone can enlighten me. I recently shot some Ektar 100 with an Xpan and after scanning the negatives it seems that some have a funny tint (yellowish) which can be improved if I adjust the white balance in Lightroom. Can this be caused by cameras metering? I have...
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    Which digital do you own (if any)?

    A 5D Mark 3 and a Fuji X100
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    Peak Imaging - Thumbs up

    Just wanted to say how happy I am with the turnaround from Peak Imaging. I stuck a load of film in the post Tuesday dinner time and just got the processed negatives back this afternoon (Thursday). A very slick process and a reminder that when the post office works it really does work. I should...
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    Midlands Chatsworth (this weekend)

    I'm not sure about the actual walk but I can easily spend a day in the Gardens alone (you have to pay to get in, of course there is also the house to explore, again you have to pay.)
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    a 'Heads-Up' for Miles Whitehead Repairs

    Agreed, he's done a coupe of jobs for me, I would use his services again.