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    The River Aire Steeton

    why is it everyone that either dont get an answer within 10 secs or gets some critique they dont like they take their photos away, there is loads of threads where this has happened, would like to have seen them..
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    Embrace the haze!

    tons of aerial perspective, whats not to like..
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    Brantome cobbled street

    That’s a lovely shot but would have liked to have seen all the street in focus, unless you are pin pointing something in particular..
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    Water Colours on a Photo Forum?

    Very nice pictures , ideal as reference to the painter in us.
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    I'm getting stale...

    hi Paul this is not a forum i normally use, but stumbled across your picture. I am looking at it from a painters eye not a photographer, the types of textures you have there are good, just too many for one shot. If i may be so bold as to say, please lower the camera and lights, you have taken...
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    Post your Still Life here..

    Ok, in order to approach a member of the forum with an offer I would need something I could use to paint, as a photographer and a painter I can’t see anything in there I can use at all, the food is taken from over head, parts of the photos are obscure or blurred and the lighting is wrong for me...
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    Post your Still Life here..

    Just close it down please, having looked there is absolutely nothing I could use anyway...
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    Post your Still Life here..

    Ok mods there are no takers, could you please remove this post, thank you..
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    Acers, soon to be bare

    awwwww man i so wanted the water and reflections, but what you got there are lovely..
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    Post your Still Life here..

    I have been looking around for a still life section but cant see one. My other hobby is painting and i am looking for a couple of good pictures of still life scenes, i have just painted a couple for an open exhibition at my local art gallery, i paid for the boards, painted cherries on one and...
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    How do we complain to Amazon?

    In the past at checkout I have noticed that there was a button to get your items sent free via prime, I thought I had been careful to avoid touching it t as I have such fat fingers I may have done, however I have never received anything to tell me I had joined either..
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    How do we complain to Amazon?

    ok guys, managed to get them to ring me and cancel my subscription that i never took out, they will now refund my £7.99 too, all is well again.. thank you
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    How do we complain to Amazon?

    guys you are the best, i will get on with it tomorrow, thank you all..
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    How do we complain to Amazon?

    Just received a card from Amazon telling me they have sent the card because I am not claiming my Prime membership benefits, but I am not a member I said to the wife, on going to my credit card services I noticed they have taken out a payment for me to join, but I don't want it, I managed to...
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    OH ICM

    First and 3rd for me, more of these please...