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    A Couple of Kingfishers

    cracking images
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    Milkyway with Aurora in Iceland

    cracking pictures both of them
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    very nice set
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    A Kestrel

    great picture
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    Barn Owl

    lovely looking shot
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    Napping Tawny

    great shot of a lovely bird
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    Barn Owl

    great shot
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    Barn Owl

    great shot
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    Wild Goldie

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    Best place to buy Genuine Canon Batteries ?

    Duracell do canon batteries great substitute and half price got mine from currys pc world
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    lens repair and service

    looking for recommendations for someone to service and repair a samyang lens if anyone has has experience please let me know
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    Great service from Carmarthen Cameras

    I bought some binoculars from them very good service would use again
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    Wild Osprey

    stunning shot
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    Peregrine, Rock Pipet and both RIP

    amazing how they train the young
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    Milky Way over the alps

    great looking shots