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    Weekly NCF15s 52 for 2020 Wk 38 Artificial

    Great shot of a household item! I like the symmetry and neatness.
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    More Shoehorns, Cosplay and Steam from LC2 for 2020 : Week 37 - Activity

    bang on theme for hidden, but why is there so much light in the tunnel?
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    Weekly rpn's 2020 52 Photo Challenge - Week 38 ARTIFICIAL + (Artificial Lit) TECHNIQUE Added

    Great colours and super shallow DoF. Works well!
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    2020 HelenC's 52 for 2020: Week 37 - Activity

    Nice processing of a hidden gem (y)
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    Weekly Bebop's 52 for 2020 - week 37: Activity

    household item - clever idea, very colourful indeed!
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    Weekly Cobra's 2020 cataclysmic catastrophes Week 37 activity

    I like the knife more than the snake... great perspective and DoF, and I like the reflection! Big snakes are not so much my thing. :)
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    Weekly Vanishedbob's 52 Thread 2020

    household item - a shame that people dump their rubbish on the side of the road, but good photo opportunity for you. I like the juxtaposition of nature vs man made rubbish
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    Weekly StuartPearson 52 for 2020 - Week 37 - Activity

    household item - very clever idea, thank you for showing the outside the frame too!
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    Weekly -Oy-'s weekly 52 theme thingie for 2020 : Week 37 - Activity

    household item - although not the first thing that comes to my mind as a household item, very nice photo of a guitar. I like the composition and the natural light. And nice touch that the strings overlap with the shadows of the next higher strings (y)
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    Weekly Bernd's 52 in 2020 - massive catch-up until week 20

    Street art in Shoreditch