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    Weekly rpn's 2018 Project 52 - Week 52 SHOWCASE Added (Complete)

    hard - well composed and great colours! creatures - nice and sharp spider!
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    Weekly Seaodyssey's 52ers for 2018 Week51 Party

    hard - nice one, well composed, well lit and very shiny hard disk (y) creatures - right on theme it a little uninspired...
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    Weekly Daves 2018 TP 52 WEEK 52 SHOWCASE COMPLETED

    hard - the fork for me, nice reflections and well controlled light! creature - both are great photos, but I prefer the bee, so much detail!
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    Weekly Martin's 2018 52 Challenge

    hart - the hard hat for me, great photo with a bit of humour! creatures - wow, what a photo, archive or not (y)
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    Granddad John's 52 in 2018

    music - #2 for me, a bit of context is in this case quite helpful. And I like the "Do not feed the ducks" sign with a rat on it... hard - great crop, nice colours and textures!
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    Weekly Mandy's 2018 TP 52 Challenge, Week 26 Elegant added

    music - great composition and processing (y) hard - the marble stands out from the wall, but the perspective is all wrong. I don't know how much you can tweak it in post... maybe it's a better idea to focus on just a small detail?
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    Weekly dmb's 52 for 2018 (Wk 30 - Cook) and over and out.

    hard - right on theme! creatures - creepy, well captured and right on theme!
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    Phil Bennett's 2018's Fifty-Two - (Wk22) Creatures added

    Great photo of a slightly creepy creature, nothing to criticise!
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    Allan.H TP52 2018 WEEK 52 SHOWCASE ADDED

    hard - clever idea, works very well! creature - great shot, right on theme and I think the fly is sharp enough!
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    Sirch 52 in 2018, third time lucky, week 52, Showcase

    hard - a shoe horn yes, but also an excellent photo! creatures - poor worms, but great shot, very sharp!
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    Weekly -OY-'s Weekly 52 thingie for 2018 - Week 52 : Showcase (Complete)

    hard - great photo, well composed and great processing. It took me a while to spot the hard working man in all that trainy stuff! creatures - Lovely!
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    The 52 Weeks, The 8th Installment. COMPLETE! Thank You All!

    hard - great find and excellent photo, I like the processing very much low - nice colours and obviously low PoV... music - clever take on the theme, works very well
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    LC2's Many Many (More) Fine Shoehorns in 2018 : Week 52 - Showcase [2018 Complete]

    Works for me, great textures in the rust, and well composed!
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    Weekly Manxmaid's 52 for 2018 - Week 52 Showcase added & COMPLETE

    What a sunset... Both are great photos, but I prefer #1!
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    Weekly Marks' TP52 2018 Will He Actually Complete It??? Weeks 18 - 20 Added

    low - the first one, great low PoV, great processing and great price tag :) match - the first one again, I like the vintage look, suits the subject. music - I like that you've managed to sneak a Mini in that photo! Nice photo, very energetic, shame that you didn't get more blur into the...