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    Woman fishing on a dull day

    I love the juxtaposition in this. It’s all wrong fishing wise - the gloves the pole (which is interesting in itself) the bright clothes and the backpack etc. Very interesting shot
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    Crummock water reflection

    Prefer the first Alf - the island looks a little lost in the 2nd. I think a tighter crop on the first would work well too - losing the left hand part of the island and focussing more in the main tree Chris
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    The Making of a Lake

    Wow what a transformation!
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    A beautiful summers evening at the Torren Locan

    That’s one still loch! Prefer the wider view of first personally - I prefer the light hitting the mid-ground trees compared to the later images too. Nice.
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    A little selection if intimate & sometimes abstract landscapes

    This was taken in odd conditions experienced at the weekend when we were in Ashbourne, Peak District(ish). Sunny, windy, humid. My wife actually got a phone shot of me getting this image knelt down in knee high grass, with a 1yr old in a back pack on my back! Must have looked a right loon!! I...
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    Chrome Hill, Peak District

    No idea why that would happen!
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    Cawdor bridge

    Looks like a nice location. It looks like In this shot that it’s leaning to the right. Maybe get lower to accentuate those rocks / water Shutter speed seems spot on for my liking but on a second view the highlights are blown out so maybe use an ND filter to balance it - it may be hard with...
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    Landscape people on YouTube - post your recommendations please

    I’ve watched the vlog 3 times now!
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    Landscape people on YouTube - post your recommendations please

    Feel compelled to point you in the direction of a little vlog by a chap called Owen Clarke. He’s posted a video on you tube called ‘once in a lifetime’. He’s taken an image of some stags in a misty woodland that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. View:
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    Chrome Hill, Peak District

    Hi thanks - not sure what’s going on- do you mean you can’t see on TP?
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    Chrome Hill, Peak District

    I think the image was taken at 5.45 am ish so, about an and a half ish? It is a nice spot, I’d like to explore more around the area
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    Nature's Window

    That’s very nice, the lone tree is the star of the show isn’t it and nicely framed.
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    'Dreamcatcher' The Roaches, Peak District

    You can’t beat a rainbow and the subtle hint of a double is nice. The sticky up rock bottom left catches the eye other than that i like it