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    Keyboard and Mouse recommendations

    I use an Logitech MX2 mouse, Logitech Keys keyboard both via the unifying dongle that came with my keyboard. I used to use a Logitech MX mouse and Denovo keyboard prior to losing them in a fire in September 2019. After looking around and trying some of the cheaper alternatives I gave in and...
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    Please! What type of mount is this?

    It's a TCON adapter with what looks like a Canon EF mount.
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    Covid19 vaccination booking

    60 with mild COPD not heard anything yet, must be a lot down to where you live too.
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    Best calibration device for a couple of Dell moniitors This is the one I got, it's the full package. However if your just doing your monitor you don't need everything. I got the above version because I wanted a calibrated print form my pictures too.
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    Best calibration device for a couple of Dell moniitors

    I've had both a Spyder Studio and and i1 Studio kit to do both my screen and printers. In my opinion the i1 beats the Spyder hands down for ease of use and colour accuracy. Don't get me wrong the Spyder system is really good but the all in one i1 system is just easier to use and in turn makes it...
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    Mid 2012 MacbookPro spinning ball of doom!! - FIXED

    I'd be thinking of downloading the original version of MacOs from the Apple website on to a usb stick and doing a virgin reload. I had to do that with my iMac for similar problems. It's been back to itself since.
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    Wild Fox.

    Mother and child View:
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    Wild Fox.

    I love photographing foxes in my garden too. Unless you have seen evidence I'd say that's a Vixen rater than A boy. View:
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    Want a new Television, not sure what to get.

    Originally I had Panasonic Plasmas which I still in my opinion think where the best for colour and overall picture crispness. However when I came to redo my house I wanted something for my bedroom and decided to put my plasma in there and look for new technology. I fell for the pure sharpness of...
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    Wow when did engine oil get so expensive

    I get mine from Eurocarparts. Castrol GTX stop start and a filter about £35 now. The one that boils my wee is buying a single litre bottle and in some cases being charged £16. Oil mostly comes in 4ltr packs now but my Focus 1.8 takes 5ltr, it does y nut. I got some Castrol GTX from Asda a few...
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    Want a new Television, not sure what to get.

    All my TV's are now Samsung 4k models. I was a staunch Panasonic supporter but decided to change a few years ago. I won't go back to any other make. Most LCD panels are made by Samsung including for most of the big makes. The only problem I have is one of them for some reason always turns on on...
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    Fujifilm XF 100-400

    I have the same as NOD, XT2 with 100-400 and 1.4tc. I used to have a Canon 5d2 and 100-400L. The Fuji is sharper and overall better than the L glass, I have two XT's and one always has the 100-400 and 1.4 on it. I have resident foxes in my area and they are my passion to photograph. The lens...
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    Computer speakers

    Edifier Lunar here, had a set before a serious house fire in 2019, replaced them last year. They look great and sound better. I use the optical link and the sound quality is truly fantastic.
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    Big Gun on Malta

    I've been there myself. The barrel had a maximum life of 100 rounds, but was never fired an anger. They fire it once a year with a small load of powder to commemorate those that have died in world wars. Malta is a fascinating Island packed with history and great places to visit. I would have...
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    Any Amateur Radio operators here?

    LOL Just got back in the hobby after a 23 year break, I seriously need to figure out what these modes are. G0JPT