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    Recommend me a flash for Sony

    Hi, If it's the flash you put in the classified section, I have the same and I've tested it on my A7II and TTL works. I wouldn't have thought it would be any different for any other camera using the Sony interface?
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    Do I need a 35mm lens if I have a 50mm?

    Personally I've found the two focal lengths too close and the effort to change lens isn't worth it. I'd rather spend more time concentrating on my composition with the focal length available to me rather than think about switching lens.
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    Honeymoon Trip

    For the time of year you're going it's going to be pretty humid, I'd say try to travel as light as possible so I think your two choices would be ideal. Having been to HK a lot, the last thing you want to be doing is changing lenses constantly, especially in busy streets; let's just say the...
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    First attempt with ND filter - advice welcome !

    I've just bought some ND filters to play around myself. If that was my first attempt, I'd be chuffed!
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    I've considered that and you're right that is probably where I would look into buying, but my concern is we're waiting for a good value fairly last minute honeymoon right now so I would potentially need a camera at fairly short notice!
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    In the process of selling all my Nikon gear at the moment, mainly due to lack of time shooting. My future plans were to pick up an A7 at a later date when I have some free time. It's starting to look like a lot of places are starting to not stock the A7 anymore? I couldn't find anything...
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    North England locations in yorkshire ?

    You can get some cracking shots of the Hamilton Hills near Thirsk. North York moors is the common spot around here though.
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    Transporting equipment - shoulder pain

    I am a relatively fit and healthy guy but no matter what bags I've tried, I've still had shoulder pains after long periods of carrying. I agree with some of the points raised above. Yes, some bags help distribute the weight more, but when it comes down to it, it's all about planning. I know...
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    Nikon 28mm 1.8G

    I've got one. Have to say, I really do like it, it's probably the lens which is on my camera the most. I'm sure you're going to love it.