Another Studio Thread

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I'm trying to setup a very basic studio for portrait shoots (including a newborn shoot coming up), product shots and creative macro shots.

This is my first studio setup and it's not something I'd use all the time, so I'm not looking to spend too much, probably £200 at the most.

I currently have 2 x SB-700's, but no stands for these.

I have quite a lot of room to play around in.

Quite tempted to get a cheap studio setup i.e:

I'm assuming I could just nick the stands from these and use my Speedlights?I've heard the lights included in this kit are pretty bad.

Would you recommend this? Or would I be better off buying a few items separately.
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If it was me - rather than waste £50 ish on junk in your situation I'd buy:

a pop up dual sided background.
2 x 5 in 1 pop up reflectors (a large & medium)
2 x stands.
1 x boom arm (for holding a reflector)

This will cost less than £150 - although you can get it much cheaper.

This will allow you to experiment quickly & easily & also change your setup to fit your needs.

LongLensPhotography's all folks!
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the stands in the link are the cheapest £10 ebay jobs. It will hold a small umbrella fine indoors, but not for heavy duty use or anything outside. I have similar :) Decent heavy stands would be Calumet £60 range but is probably total overkill at this stage. There are even options with arms.

Definitely have a look at Bowens or Elinchrom speedlite adapters / brackets - £23 from UK or £15 from china, really well made. Then you have the flexibility of using umbrellas (there is a hole) or proper light modifiers (softbox, beauty dish) that you can buy towards proper studio lights.

Or look for used Elinchrom / Bowens / Lastolite kits.
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Use your SB700's with a couple of stands and umbrella's held in place by a bracket on each stand. £80 or so should do it, tops!

No leads, easy to move around and shooting on location will be easily done.

I have done many studio shoots with a couple of sb900's and it's a great way to work if it's just the occasional shoot and not multiple shoots per day.