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    Smartphone > Nikon Connectivity

    Hello Does anyone here have their smartphone/tablet connected to their Nikon (specifically) via hot shoe or USB OTG cable? I would like to connect my Android phone to my D800E so that I can use it as an extra field monitor. I want to do this so I can replace the standard Right Angle...
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    Sunset Photography

    Focus on hypercocal distance, or subject third in. Shoot in M, ETTR so slightly overexpose to help avoid noise in shadows. Highlights can be recovered in PP DON'T shoot with the sun in frame. It's difficult not to but it's too much of a distraction and is not really required in the scene...
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    Landscape lens which one

    16-35mm f/4 or 20mm f/1.8. Zoom or prime choice really. IQ on the 16-35 is slightly smarter than the 17-35 but the 17-35 is obviously a little faster. Shooting mostly from a tripod that shouldn't matter in most cases.
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    Clifton Cameras store, Dursley, Gloucestershire

    The video below is from the stores CCTV & shows two low lifes stealing Sony equipment. If you have a Fb account do please share
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    Nik Color Efex Pro users

    Yeah well, I'll use ACR method now as the tool apparently is as good as any plug in. Not to mention the fact that applying the adjustment to a data file is far preferable than applying it to an image file.
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    Nik Color Efex Pro users

    Noise isn't really that much of an issue with me tbh, its just I like to make the skies a little smoother with the Adjustment Brush. At +70 it looks just fine & does this without detriment to the image. This is only really noticeable in ACR at 300% I could probably get away with dialing in less...
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    Nik Color Efex Pro users

    I've found that if used conservatively having the TC sliders at -12 to -15 it does help NR but I agree it's not ideal. Using the tools I already have I have just started to use the NR slider in ACR at somewhere around +70 on selected areas and found that it helps. I don't know why it has taken...
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    Recommend me a monitor

    Dell U2713HM here. It's a half decent monitor.
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    Nik Color Efex Pro users

    Thanks Mike I haven't got Dfine but I am aware of it and other NR products.
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    2016 Competitions

    Cheers Andy
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    Nik Color Efex Pro users

    Hi all A techy sort of question for Nik Color Efex users. It's probably not ideal but.... Can you use the Tonal Contrast filter as an effective noise reduction tool. That is if... Saturation = 0 Highlight Contrast = -15 Midtone Contrast = -15 Shadow Contrast = -15 I've used this on smoother...
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    2016 Competitions

    Hi TP'ers Does anyone know where I can see a comprehensive list of photo competitions for 2016, specifically for or including Landscape Photography? There is of course TAKE A VIEW: Network Rail Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2016 but I'm sure there are others (IPA) that are up there...
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    Ps & W10

    That's reassuring. Thanks folks.
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    Ps & W10

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone is running Ps CS6 or older on Windows 10? I am currently on Windows 7 running CS6 and I'm unsure whether to upgrade to Windows 10 just in case my CS6 & plug ins don't like it up em. Any advice welcomed. Ta.
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    Photographers with ibs

    I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Diverticular disease and subsequently had 2 hospital admissions because of it, diverticulitis is no fun. My bowel perforated just after elective surgery and I suffered faecal peritonitis and I am still living with the consequences 9 months later. Slowly on the...