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    Fuji Acros - anyone know....

    When this is supposed to be re-surfacing? I hear it's on the way back!
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    Recently offered OM1

    Anyone know what a reasonable price for an OM1 is, complete with F1.4 50mm? One owner from new, clean and tidy, minimal wear.
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    Beginner Print dropshipping

    Remember, C-Types are continuous tone prints, whereas inkjet/giclee etc are not. This leads to much better rendition of subtle tones. There are a lot more places offering inkjet because the gear is - relatively speaking - very cheap. Whereas the Noritsu, Lightjet, Chromira printers for C-Type...
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    Film Developing in the UK scan up to 5x4" with a Hasselblad Flextight X5. But this is a service for scanning one off's for exhibition print etc. It's a very high quality service and the X5 can deliver RAW files from film, which is attractive to people used to working with RAW files from digital cameras.
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    Camera repairs in the UK

    PJ Camera Repairs in Stoke on Trent did a great repair on an 85mm 1.4 Nikkor for me. Worth looking at.
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    Where To Get Film Processed and Printed

    Hi all, new here and new to film photography. Does anyone know if the prices for Film Dev include VAT? (I have emailed them, but thought someone might know here sooner) Thanks
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    Scotland North Coast 500 ?

    Love all the scenery north of Ullapool
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    Colour Films recomendations

    Hi all - I'm a big Ektar fan. My only wish is that there was a 400ASA version - that would be superb!