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    Beginner Nice inheritance - but do I need all this?

    Yes it covers from 18-300mm. You will perhaps find that you have no interest in some of the focal range now but you can very quickly find yourself interested in different types of photography. 300mm on a crop sensor is good for birds around the garden ? something you may get interested in (...
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    Ideas for indoors?

    Yeah the little Lego / Toy men ( or women ) looks fun if you have the right lens.
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    Can 1DX charger also charge 1DX MK 2 batteries ?

    My 1DX Battery is LP-E4N and the charger is LC-E4N. Im guessing the MK 3 has a different set up again lol.
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    Can 1DX charger also charge 1DX MK 2 batteries ?

    As the title really, does anyone know if the 1DX chargers also charge the 1DX MK 2 batteries. The batteries seem to have different model names but i thought might be worth asking ?
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    My house is very hard to find, I get this from all the delivery companies and you can tell them till your blue in the face and they never change.
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    Sony 24 1.4 worth it ?

    I was trying to decide between them actually. I was thinking the 20mm might be starting to get a little too wide
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    Canon 5DS R

    Not sure why the 20MP R6 is in the conversation with 3 resolution monsters. The R5 is several times more expensive than the 5DS models and i suspect only Pro`s and very very keep enthusiasts are buying them at the moment. Hopefully Canon will release a high res mirrorless that is cheaper at...
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    Sony 24 1.4 worth it ?

    Anyone had a chance to use one ? Expensive at well over £1K
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    Photographers attacked.

    No shock that photographers were attacked, many in that crowd were not nice people. I hear they smeared the worst thing that came to hand all over the place and some poor innocent cleaner had to wash it off next morning. Filthy trash
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    Frosty Fawns

    i like it, well done
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    Want a new Television, not sure what to get.

    I bought a 55 inch 4K LG smart TV from Curries about 18 months ago on sale for about £550 if i remember. Best TV i ever had in my life, LG use IPS screens so the picture is good even at an angle and the 55 inch size is a luxury.
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    Sony Landscape on a budget...

    I cant deny i much prefer EVF. I think i am suffering from switching from canon / nikon brand dslr to mirrorless that are different brands ( fuji / sony )
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    Sony Landscape on a budget...

    its ALOT of money if you walk into a UK shop and by a a7r4 + 20mm 1.8 brand new. pity you couldnt hire one first for a weekend and then decide but with this covid things are tricky now. i bought a used a7r3 the other week and im undecided about it myself, i wish i could take out the sensor and...
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    Canon 40D still worth buying?

    40D are good but the sensor tech is old now. I think i would rather go for a plastic modern one with a newer sensor these days rather than older better built