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    Too much vignette on this picture?

    It's a tad clinical in my opinion. I'd soften it, personally.
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    Do all cameras vignette to some degree ?

    I had that same combination for a while and never noticed anything like that in raw. Something fishy going on!
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    Anybody else like me?

    I'm almost the same! I find the technical stuff and the gear stuff fascinating. I watch alot of YouTube photographers. I also really enjoy playing about with post production stuff. But, I don't do alot of actual photography! I do some, but not as much as I probably should!
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    Auto bracketing - Do you do it?

    Two different steps of the process. Bracketing is the process of taking photos of the same image, but of different exposures, to then allow you to later blend in some way into one image to get more dynamic range. Stacking is a technique to blend these multiple images. Hopefully this is an...
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    RC Drift Cars - Sufficiently challenging

    Dunno if I'd want to get into it per se, but I'd love a wee go with one of those! That would be a great wee afternoons entertainment for a big wean like me! In fact, I bet shooting them would be quite fun too! Images look great to me by the way!
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    Lens correction on every image?

    Was away the weekend taking my a6500 and 18-105 f4 lens. Took a mixture of snap shots, landscapes, architecture and one thing which noticed is quite sever barrel distortion. I knew it was an issue with this lens but its never been overly noticeable. Anyway, popped them all into dark table...
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    Who uses a phone?

    You might find your camera phone allows for manual control if you hunt it down in the settings. If not, you'll likely be able to download a different camera app which gives you the manual control. I've got one on my phone. Thought I'd mention it in case you didn't know. Cheers
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    Who uses a phone?

    Mine falls apart almost instantly when there's not strong light. Obviously I do still use it, as I don't carry my camera everywhere I go, whereas my phone I do. I would suspect phone cameras have produced a far greater number of memorable images over a camera, for a general user like me, for...
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    Auto bracketing - Do you do it?

    I've always wondered why people would choose to bracket manually over using the auto feature. Surely if the base photo is set right then surely 2 (or so ) stops either way is going to be the same whether you do it manually or automatically. In fact, I'd have thought getting the photos out in...
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    Getting better video editing performance on my PC

    Do you have a seperate graphics card?
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    The Amazing Sony A1/A7/A9/APS-C & Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    Literally just came in to make that pun! You beat me to it! @Stephen L gppd to see you getting use out of it! Enjoy!
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    Didn't think I would be wanting another camera so soon

    a sony a6000 is cheap and cheerful these days! small, light, although you might struggle to get a cheap 300m lens
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    Donington F1 Masters Festival

    These are outrageously good! Very skillful! No3 is my fave but no1 is superb! How fast a pan was that??
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    The Amazing Sony A1/A7/A9/APS-C & Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    Yep. I planned to do an a/b test whilst having both in my possession, but then decided against it as I think it would probably be such a negligible difference I'll not find any, or even worse, I feel a bit disheartened with my new purchase due to no noticeable difference! But, I think the...
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    The Amazing Sony A1/A7/A9/APS-C & Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    Just picked up my new (to me) a6500. An upgrade from my a6000. Seemed to get it at a snip and has only done 500 odd accentuations. Instantly feels a step up in quality. I was perfectly satisfied with the a6000 IQ and auto focus, and 4k video was not really a huge selling point to me. But, ibis...