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    Death by photography

    Natural selection doing its thing...
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5, E-M1, E-M10 & Mark 2 Owners Thread

    i need to try a few of these little tips as i was struggling at the track last time i went, first time out with new gear so i was expecting it to be different than my old Nikon and didnt moan to much. I also found the autofcus to be quite slow in comparison with my old nikon too.... not good for...
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    More 2018 Images from the Spectators Side of the fence

    nice panning... the last one with Jordan was not this year
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    From DX to FX

    rule - always buy better glass! PLUS - no point in having inferior glass on a nice fx body. i had the D300s but always had fx quality glass
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    From DX to FX

    i would honestly say, change your lenses first and then the body so you get the full expectations
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    Some recents

    Thanks, the house is near Howick in Northumberland
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    Some recents

    been a bit quiet lately but i dragged my backside out 1. Saltburn by Mark Lightfoot, on Flickr 2. Saltburn by Mark Lightfoot, on Flickr 3. Plough straight by Mark Lightfoot, on Flickr 4. Northumberland Bath House by Mark Lightfoot, on Flickr 5. Room with a view by Mark Lightfoot, on Flickr...
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    Poor Old Forklift Driver!

    the racks are designed to take a vertical loading, not to be hit from a different angle and a touch from a forklift isnt the same as a prod with a finger. anyone with an ounce of common sense would have seen he couldnt fit and wait... human error admittedly but theres a cost involved also and he...
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    Poor Old Forklift Driver!

    what an absolute tool.... definite sack
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    Derwent Water and Kelly Hall Tarn

    peaceful and calming
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    Anyone self fitted Hive?

    self fitted a tado.... cant be much different
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    random/funny but how?

    it wasnt the last time
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    Iceland Banned X-Ma's advert

    i like it but why release at xmas.... surely it can go out anytime of the year
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    Lego Racing

    Lego racing by Mark Lightfoot, on Flickr thanks for looking