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    Returning to photography

    Thanks for the heads up. I've dropped them a reply of the post.
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    Returning to photography

    I'm dropping a couple of my watches in the non photography sales posts in the hope someone might fancy a trade/px for a body or kit. Will save me selling and increase my glass budget.
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    Returning to photography

    Thanks all for your comments. I'm really not too fused between FX or DX, I was impressed with the NEX7 and that its smaller form gave me more space to carry other kit. Its really a matter of bang for buck. I do like the idea of full frame but recognise that might be pushing things a little on my...
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    Returning to photography

    Its been a few years since I sold up all my Canon 70D and lenses but Im missing a proper camera after using my phone for family shots. Question is what are people now buying? It was always Canon and Nikon with a little Sony and others behind but I feel the game has changed a little. I also used...
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    Replacement for NEX 7

    Thanks for the advice both. Seems like I need to start from scratch if I want to go full frame.
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    Pedal Power Thread

    I would go for the triban for the first year... if you are keen then sell and upgrade. I bought a felt f95 last year and traded up at Xmas.
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    RIP Our Cilla

    Amazing lady who will be sadly missed RIP Cilla
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    Replacement for NEX 7

    Hi all its been a while for me on here. After selling up my Canon gear I've been using my Sony NEX 7 with 3 e mount lens. I would like to upgrade to full frame (I would like to stick with Sony) what would be your recommended upgrade and can I use my emount lenses ok on your suggestion...
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    Criterium cycle race

    Nice panning Matt. I especially like the contrast on number 3
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    Beyond my Garden

    Hi Les, great shots, can I ask what F stop you are shooting at with these? Im just starting to try out Macro shots in my back garden. Many Thanks Mark
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    Around The Pond And Compost Bin

    Would love to see some shots of the slow worms. Love the frog btw.