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    A Month in the Van

    not too bad at all .. the only issue here on Mull is there is no LPG so we are having to be a little careful with supplies as we want to stay on until the weekend
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    The Frozen North

    Thanks, mate .... yeah I was actually going for the movement in the grasses but actually, think I needed to be higher to give a little more separation ...
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    A Month in the Van

    It is a very clever bit of kit and I'm amazed, given the price, how easy it is to clean ...
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    A Month in the Van

    For the past week we have been up on Mull ... more bimblings with the iPhone ...
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    The Frozen North

    A bit of time on the Isle of Mull which while iconic for wildlife isn't somewhere folks normally think about when it comes to Landscape Photography. Has been a pretty cold week with wind chill sending the mercury plummeting. And for those interested some rambling in my latest vlog.
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    A Month in the Van

    Wife unit spat her wine out chucking at this :)
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    A Month in the Van

    First stop, The Lakes ... Our first month-long trip in the van sees us first hitting the Lakes under blue skies. Didn't get the big boy camera out at all, just explored lots with the iPhone. Next stop Scotland, where I hear it's a touch colder. Follow our adventures here.
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    Drone No Fly Zones

    or taking photos for commercial use .... ;)
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    Drone No Fly Zones

    Morning, Sorry if this is the wrong section ... okay so new drone owner ... Up in the Lake District with the Mavic air and decide to do a bit of flying. In beginner mode. Up a fell so already at a bit of a height. Get the drone out and it starts to moan about compass calibration ... try to...
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    Feeling a little 'Sheepish'

    The view towards Sheep Island from Ballintoy on the North Coast of Northern Ireland ..
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    I'm Back .... and this time I'm bringing a van (and wife and cat)

    Finally, first vlog of the year and one that hopefully starts a whole brand new adventure :)
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    Storytime ....

    Perhaps, perhaps not :) Have a great weekend. Nige
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    Happy New Year Folks ..

    Goodness .. not been out all year with the camera so here's one from way back when ;)
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    Catching the last of Autumn ...

    or perhaps it had already gone ... Anyways, random ramblings here ...