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    Northern Thailand

    Below is a picture that I took while visiting Northern Thailand. We spent 10 days just driving around among other things looking for photo opportunities. We actually missed the best time as most of the rice fields were already harvested, but there were still opportunities out there . If anyone...
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    Nik collection gone

    Perfect Paul.........installed and working
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    Nik collection gone

    I have just started using PhotoshopCC 2020 and I see that the Nik collection is missing from the Filter menu (I still have it in my Applications folder) Problem is when I try and redownload it I get taken to DXO website wanting me to buy it again for $149 there a way around...
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    Under the weeping willow

    The beautiful Shirleen Low under the weeping willow
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    Beautiful Country Beautiful People

    Shot while visiting Hui in central Vietnam
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    Digital Medium Format Thread

    I'm thinking X1D II or SL2............decisions decisions
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    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    Love the pier picture Neil
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    Chamonix 4x5 210mm Fuji Etkar 100 Devoloped at home using C41 Yesterday I did 6 images using both my Chamonix 4x5 and my M10 + Noctilux..........The Noctilux images can been seen HERE Below is the first of 4 images that I took with the 4x5. I actually took 6 but I F******d up loading the...
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    Website security (need it or not)

    I have hired Comodo to look after the security of my website and up to now I’m very happy with there service
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    Photoshop on iPad Pro

    When is the Photoshop for iPad Pro due to be released? I originally heard early 2019 but still nothing.............any rumours??
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    Official Talk Leica thread

    Leica Q2
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    Best website building website for a photography portfolio?

    It was the recommendation of the Host company, which I took and to be honest I’m glad I did, the old site was forever crashing when I would update a plug-in especially whocommerse Neil
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    Best website building website for a photography portfolio?

    My old website was hacked last week and after hiring both Comodo and getting help from my host Tsohost in the UK I was advised to delete it and start again Thread HERE So that is what I did and i ended up using a Photocrati theme and 4 days later I now have this Neil...