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    Wild A couple of Kites

    Here are a few pictures of Kites here in Phuket Thailand The one below is leaving a praying gesture in its reflection after catching the fish Neil
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    BIF on the Estuary

    Very nice mate
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    Check the feet out on this bad boy

    Heron I think?
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    Where does the D850 take its power from first talk about RTFM :) Thanks guys I will check it out Neil
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    Where does the D850 take its power from first

    Guys I am new to the Nikon D850. I have also bought the new Meike battery grip. My question is where does the D850 draw its power from first. The grip, the body or both. The reason I ask is ideally if its from the grip then that is the easiest battery to get to to replace or recharge? Neil
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    A few birds from Tanzania

    Here are some pictures of birds that I took while on safari in Tanzania 2016......... Enjoy
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    Waiting for us to cross the road

    Tanzania 2016 Nikon D810 600mm f4 Neil
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    Very nice
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    Oriental Magpies

    A pair of them
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    New D850 question

    Thanks for the info
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    All puffed up and ready to party

    Phuket Thailand
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    What Nikon Body are you using for Birds/Wildlife

    I bought the D850 yesterday........hopefully it will arrive before the weekend
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    New D850 question

    I've just ordered a new D850 along with the Meike grip. My question is will my old D810 batteries fit in the grip or does it only hold AA batteries? Neil
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    Help printing big

    Morning Graham On the actual print that misalignment is there but not as in your face as the print above. It was a mistake made by me in the original slicing of the image in PScc that I knew off but didnt want to reprint the whole picture again (Hay I come from Scotland lol). Anyway like I...
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    Help printing big

    I thought about doing it like that but I wanted to do it as 4 individual prints with a gap around them so that there was no question as to whether they are joined or not. In real life it looks amazing and I'm chuffed to bits with it. Neil