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    The virus. PPE. Part 2

    Boris and Matt will probably use that argument, if Cummings approves it, when the review/investigation is carried out at some point in the future
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    Forced regeneration DPF

    No idea if these any good but some prices
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    The virus. PPE. Part 2

    Should make the news headlines "Boris finally gets something right in 2020"
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    The virus. PPE. Part 2

    in a secure bin I hope and what about those pesky refuse disposal ops who are always after samples for DNA testing
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    The virus. PPE. Part 2

    Excellent suggestion, though perhaps some of his team should accompany him. Does this tradition allow the ruler to have company?
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    Want a laptop that you can upgrade in the future?

    Have had a few dells over the years, usually buy from outlet and try and find a friendly student for 15% off
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    Wales Anglesey / Nth Wales

    Can recommend Simon Kitchen book, Photographing North Wales
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    Any hedgehog experts?

    We have a hedgehog in garden and it trips security light most nights, has been here for a couple of months so assume its not bothered. edit- been thinking of getting a trail camera, any recommendations?
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    Back in the day -well over 2 years ago- I used to make hard cheese (Cheddar) daily production about 800k litres, roughly 10 litres of milk per kg so about 80,000 kg a day Edit- needed to add a 0
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    Camerasize website asking for donations.

    Most use paypal so should be ok.. I think
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    Will Ghislaine Maxwell 'commit suicide'?

    I`m sure there will have 2 people on watch 24/7 just in case she tries to commit suicide, so she should be fine....:rolleyes:
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Which batteries did you get? could not see any with any reviews, though Amazon reviews are a bit suspect.
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    The virus. PPE. Part 2

    She has done a pretty good job IMO, pity we could not say the same about our clowns.
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5, E-M1, E-M10 & Mark 2 Owners Thread

    Still a good deal probably Olympus E‑M10 Mark III 1442 Kit + 45mm 1.8 lens - £399.99 with code at Olympus Shop
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    The virus. PPE. Part 2

    Reminds me of the last SAP implementation I was involved with, knew it wasn`t going well when asked if SAP was an abbreviation for Stop All Production