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    Developer recommendatons...

    I find a basic plastic syringe picks it up easily. I did get a fancy glass one that relied on the fit between the glass bits for a seal rather than having the rubber plunger bit, and that struggled - I guess the hole was a smaller diameter, and it just couldn't draw it up. I decant into a small...
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    Whats my chances of taking A Kodak brownie no2 apart without killing it ?

    Well spotted. I had only looked at the edge of the left-hand mirror in the photo, and got the impression that the silvering was on the front.
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    Dollond rangefinder - any info?

    Using pliers will likely do nothing more than make a mess of the knurling - those parts look to be aluminium, which is soft. Try undoing a screw or two and pulling at one of the bits. The knurling could be decorative (on bits that don't rotate). Given that the main tube is square, it's much...
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    Whats my chances of taking A Kodak brownie no2 apart without killing it ?

    They're unlikely to be out of alignment unless something is seriously out of whack with the camera - they're just glued to a shaped block. The front panel is just clipped on - one little catch type of feature in the middle of each of the long sides, like this... A bit of a press on the side...
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    Box Brownie help please

    A write-up here on my No2 Model F... I don't think there's much difference between that and the Model C, other than the later one having a metal body (feels like thin steel under...
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    It had to be tried!

    Free delivery from Analogue Wonderland for orders over £50. I went for 6 rolls and got a 5% discount code for being a first time customer and subscribing to their newsletter. Worked out to £57 total, or £9.50 a roll, delivered. One to play with, five in the freezer.
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    Reccomend me a lens spanner wrench

    I have the version with two horizontal bars and have found it to be stable and straightforward to use. Regarding strength, they're usually made of stainless steel - by the time the tips are being damaged, your aluminium retaining ring is being mashed up, and the tool has slipped and taken a...
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    Light Meter Recommendation

    There seems to be some confusion here about form and function with regard to photographic equipment. Maybe this short pictorial guide will help to clear things up...
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    Scanner focussing - amazing what just a tiny difference makes

    The film holders have little stand-offs on the underside to raise the overall holder above the glass. The height of the neg above the glass is the combination of the thickness of the shelf that the neg sits on, and how much the stand-off protrudes beyond that. On the two-strip 120 holder for my...
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    Scanner focussing - amazing what just a tiny difference makes

    I thought the thing in the lid was just an illuminator, with two scan heads in the base. One is high res for film in a holder, but not full width, and the other is full width for paper or film on the glass, but lower res. That way, only one high precision mechanism is needed for both scan heads.
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    Large Format photography group - From "zero to hero!"

    Exactly correct. The diagram on the wiki page makes it clear - the lens plane has to lie somewhere between the image plane and the plane of focus. Hence, if the plane of focus has the near end on the left, then the lens plane is rotated to the left.
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    Large Format photography group - From "zero to hero!"

    Tilting (or swinging) the lens doesn't change the nature of focus on the film because all parts of the image are formed by rays that hit all parts of the surface of the lens where the internal rays go on to pass through the aperture. It's about tilting the plane of focus - the near-to-far band...
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    Super 8

    From what I can find out, there is an aperture indication in the viewfinder, and it seems that exposure control can be auto or manual, but it's not clear how exposure is adjusted manually. The lens is f/1.7 wide open. Frame rate doesn't equate to the reciprocal for shutter speed - a cine camera...
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    Pinhole Day 2019 - Sunday 28th April

    My paper negs have dried and I have the digital equivalent of a contact sheet... Conditions were sunny, which seemed to add up to exposures of one minute with the yellow filter, although a couple are maybe a bit under (especially the grave stone at bottom right). I'll do some scanning over...
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    Pinhole Day 2019 - Sunday 28th April

    Today's the day, folks. That looks good, Peter. Like a heavy duty version of the Voidomat I made and used for the last couple of years... ...which is held together with superglue and gaffer tape.