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    Chroma - Lasercut Acrylic 4x5 Field Camera

    I'd imagine some care would be needed if putting a layer of glass (or whatever) inside the lens - the rays will refract through the added layer and thus arrive at the rear group slightly differently than they would if the extra layer wasn't there.
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    SHARE YOUR FILM SHOOTING OUTINGS HERE - Communal Thread (warning, may be picture heavy)

    Trying an attachment via the phone while waiting for the sun to come out...
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    Camera Settings - help please.

    With negative film, a bit of over-exposure is okay. For your example, you could set to 1/250th at f/8 and it would be fine. I tend to fix the shutter speed in the meter so it matches the steps that the camera can do, and then see what the aperture is. Lots of lenses have half stops, and those...
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    Can anyone recommend a mono bath B&W developer ?

    An opened bottle of HC-110 can last for years.
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    Is it just me?

    Some fun is free, but most fun costs money. Beer drinkers don't balk at the idea of drinking beer because they might barf later, and golfers seem quite happy to lose 2 or 3 quid every time they can't track down a wayward shot. Same for eating fancy scoff when a tin of beans is perfectly...
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    Is there a difference between the Bronica AE & AE II prism finder?

    I specifically chose the AE-II to get the metering - it wasn't just about having an eye level pentaprism finder. The main reason for getting a metered finder was the ability to meter through filters, especially a polariser because it doesn't have a defined filter factor. Whether or not that...
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    Is there a difference between the Bronica AE & AE II prism finder?

    I have both the WLF and AE-II. I haven't used the AE-II much, but that has more to do with the bag, which was too small until recently. There are some situations where the AE-II could be useful... Through-lens metering, obviously, such as through a filter like a polariser, or being able to do...
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    Tintype Dark Slides?

    Well, thickness and stiffness, but yes, it seems that way to me. There were several processes or coating types on a handful of substrates. Unless a particular process had a special need, I don't see why a given holder would be more or less suitable for one coating type compared to another...
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    Tintype Dark Slides?

    Note that a DDS isn't a thing for film, it's any kind of plate or film holder that has two dark slides. So far as I'm aware, they're named in terms of what they're holding rather than the process. The main differences seem to be in thickness and stiffness. Modern film holders have to hold...
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    6 X 9 Viewfinder

    No, those figures are based on a 105mm lens.. The real FoV (and thus equivalent focal length on 135) depends on the exact frame width. It's then a case of choosing to go a bit wider or narrower if an exact match can't be found.
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    6 X 9 Viewfinder

    Add-on finders for 35mm rangefinder cameras will have the same aspect ratio. One for a 50mm lens should give a slightly, or somewhat, cropped field of view depending on the exact size of the image in the Bessa. (If the real frame is 85mm wide, that's equivalent to about 44.5mm focal length on...
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    Split prism focusing for portraits - on what do I focus?

    What you focus on doesn't need to be vertical, it just needs to be something that can be split by the focus aid, and brought together when focus is correct. The eyes are horizontal, but there's nothing to split - you'd just have one eye in each half of the split prism. You need to split one eye...
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    Olympus 35RC Top Plate Repair

    Unlikely. Very probably plated brass.
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    The Holga is ready for battle.

    Backing paper looks like this... To shoot 6x6, use the red window that lines up with the middle of the roll.