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    High Road

    you should enter this into the facebook banner comp, cracking shot with lovely colours.
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    Critique South Yorkshire Indian Summer!

    Hay Field. by Adam Norton, on Flickr
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    Critique South Yorkshire Indian Summer!

    sorry, uploaded the same pic twice!
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    Critique South Yorkshire Indian Summer!

    Hi guys, ive not managed to be on here for quite a while so was determined to sit down tonight and have a good browse and comment on the very high quality of work that is submitted on here. I thought id submit a couple also for anybody that would like to crit, good or bad. cheers for looking...
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    Critique Bruges

    the reflections are stunning and theres plenty of detail in the shadows. I particularly like 1+2, well took!
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    Beginner Canon 18-55 replacment - 18-135 or 17-85 ?

    I agree with sam, the STM 18-135mm is a really nice lens. had some great shots with mine. a big jump in build quality too from the 18-55
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    A return to the Rhinogydd

    What a stunning place to be, and fantastic shot. I'm wondering what it would look like a couple of steps back to get the whole Boulder in, just for a different look?
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    Critique SEAT shoot in Glencoe

    First one is stand out for me, great reflections and stunning background. I prefer the White balance in the first two, the cool look suits the scene better than the third IMO.
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    Park Orb

    Thanks Michael, it is very addictive. I like the fact that every frame comes out different and everything looks so different at night, even mundane objects.
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    Smock Mill

    Converting to mono has really worked for this, and the vignette and subtle lead in line pull u in. I like it a lot. One small crit is that the vapour trails in the sky are a little distracting.
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    Park Orb

    Not been out for a good while for some night shots so felt great to dust the light toys off and get out for an hour. Took a mate whos recently got into photography and think its fair to say hes got the bug for it! any comments guys, as always welcome. cheers. IMG_8971 as Smart Object-2 by...
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    Calahonda Beach

    Hi guys one ive only just managed to get round to editing from last years hol in june! Spending too much time shooting and not enough editing!! The weather was a bit hit and miss that day so I took myself off for an hour along the beach to see what I could get. IMG_8124 as Smart Object-100 by...
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    Weekly Greengo's 52 in 2014 - BALANCE now added

    Hi Colin, the beach shot is the pick for me. I agree with the vignette but you've heard that. I'd boost the exposure slightly to get more detail back in the shorts and maybe crop a tiny bit off the bottom so it's not as central.
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    Weekly Blondie606's 52 in 2014 Wk 52 Support-THE END :-)

    Well done for getting caught up Lynne, I'm still plugging away! I like the bike shot, nice and sharp and a slither of ground for perspective. Exposure is good too, plenty of detail in the shadows. I'd maybe be tempted to see what it looked like a couple of steps to the right to try and get a 2/3...
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    Weekly Nortdog's TP52 For 2014 - Week 27 Rich

    Thanks for the replies everyone.