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    Non UK Africa Advice

    Hi Peter, I think you are being very ambitious with Vic Falls. Feels like you will rushing around and not taking it all in. If you fly from JNB to VFA, you will be looking at approx. £250 - £375 return with Comair and about 90 minutes flight. Zimbabwe is US dollars, so you'll be looking at $55...
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    Elgol revisited

    One of the best from Elgol Neil. Even better than your original processed one and that was well done. Well worth the very long drive up there .
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    Mealasta Beach

    Simple and nicely composed Martin. Every time I see images from those islands, I want to be transported back instead of that 12 odd hour drive.
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    Loch Leathan

    Looks like you have ironed that out nicely Neil :) Definitely worth stopping for.
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    Poppies on a misty morning

    Very peaceful Dave, and well worth getting wet for. I think the mist gives it a little extra but lovely colours throughout the image. I'm sure this is worth printing.
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    Duxford Airshows - Waste of time and money!

    I hear you Simon. I went to the Daks over Duxford this month. Appalling traffic management which took over two hours to get from the just off the A14 to the Duxford roundabout. Also paid extra to park although not sure why it wasn't just one price?. Poorly laid out and unless you were press or...
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    Some super textures going on there. Something different and rather intimate going on, which I like.
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    300mm f2/8 v 400mm Do

    For some of my images I did use the 1.4 and 2, both mk3. I had some success with them but as I say wildlife isn’t my first choice of photography and was my first time using the combinations. I was still very happy with the results.
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    300mm f2/8 v 400mm Do

    I bought the 300 F2.8 IS Mk1 last year for a safari to pair with my FF 5d mk4 and 5Ds and have to say it was fabulous lens. While I struggled with wildlife photography, I had some very good results and very impressed with it. So impressed I’ve kept the lens and just need to sort another safari out.
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    Elgol Blue (LE)

    Superb Neil, and dare I say I think its better than your mono version. Nicely processed and definitely wants printing big, framed and hanging.
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    Neist Point, Skye

    Glorious light there Neil. I do like the second one and a different perspective of the imposing rock and lighthouse. I have one from slightly further to the right and agree, its a bit tricky and not recommended if its windy.
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    A few from this winter

    Nice set there Stuart, and really enjoy the snowy trees and the Pap. I thought the forth was the Pap, but couldn't envisage where you were standing for it. Certainly worth waiting it out, as always up there, you never know what the next half hour will bring. :) I feel for Scott, as I've been up...
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    Southwold huts

    Nice work Dave, lots of colours going on there. I actually like the composition as it is. It just shows the beach and huts as huts on a beach [emoji4] . Strangely every time I go there, I just don’t see a shot. I walk around it and can’t get what I want. I hope this wasn’t the image of the holiday?
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    Beinn a'Chrulaiste.

    Nice selection there Scott. Those soft pastel colours are simply gorgeous on the second one, I bet you had a little tingle when it was happening, and well worth that bloody hump up the hill. I've never got any thing when I've gone up there, so its still on my list to do :jawdrop:
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    The Quiraing / Torridon

    Hello Neil, I've never had any issues parking although I'm there before sunrise. Like you, being from the flat lands of East Anglia I gave myself 90 mins to get the plateau with a few stops on the way. Its a stunning place imo and walking around the rock structure is worth the walk on its on...