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    Where should I get my sensor cleaned?

    I can heartily recommend Camserve for that kind of thing. they are based in East Sussex - They were suggested to me on here when I had a fungus problem on a lens. Dropped it off and they did an excellent job, although a postal service is available. Give them a call and...
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    Outlook <-> Gcal sync

    I appreciate you were looking for a free solution, but for you or anyone end up looking for a reliable (but paid for method) I've been using Sync2 ( for years. A simple set up and forget system which syncs Calendar and Contacts between Outlook and Gcal as well as others.
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    Royal Mail under paid postage

    I took that figiure from here - It is the fee charged for different sizes of letter/package that are underpaid, not the cost of sending it. The flat fee only applies to 'small' parcels which is why I said "assuming it's a...
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    Royal Mail under paid postage

    There are some scams about that use use this system and ask you to call a number which is very high rated. If it's genuine, then you can go to the post office it names and see what it is. They won't let you open it, but if you explain the situation you should be able to view the package, see...
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    Why oh why...

    I've no idea Cockney, but I've heard they're rubbish because they don't take film
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    What do you think to this photo (Honest opinions please)

    I like it as it is, not sure I could suggest anything to improve it. Sory if that doen't help much.
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    Mountain bike world championships. Mont St Anne. Quebec

    Great set, thank s for sharing. I lke #1, but I'd like to have taken any of them if I'm honest :giggle:
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    Silverstone Moto GP 2019

    OK Snerkler I give up, it's time to go and find another game (j/k) - that last one is superb. I can imagine some not so keen, dare I say it's a marmite image. Thanks for sharing.
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    Silverstone Moto GP 2019

    Thanks for the tip Snerkler, I find panning shots at 120-160 fairly successfull with cyclists, still a lot of misses but usually some I'm happy with in the mix. Trying even that with these guys, at these speeds, is a whole different and very blurry world of pain for me :LOL: I will try your...
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    Silverstone Moto GP 2019

    Great set, thanks for sharing, #1 is outstanding, I need a lot more practice to pan at that speed and get anything sharp. Enjoyable weekend there though.
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    MotoGP Silverstone

    Thanks Andrew, I did try slowing it down and panning and in some images even acheived some blur on the wheels, sadly it was often accompanied but lots of blur on the rest of bike and rider :LOL::LOL: Clearly needs more practice.
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    MotoGP Silverstone

    and a few more...
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    MotoGP Silverstone

    Well I was fairly pleased with these until I saw @Hertsman 's thread - those images were impressive. I offer some of mine here for comments and critique so don't hold back. I can only hope to improve.
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    Silverstone Motogp...

    Great set Mike, thanks for sharing
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    Old newbie from East Sussex

    Hi Mike, :welcome:, I came here a while ago in a very similar position. Ask some questions, post some pictures and don't take any critique personally. Enjoy your stay.