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    Weekly StuartPearson 52 for 2021 - Week 13 - Easter

    Thanks, it was a concept that promised more at the theory stage and needed “rescued” by experimenting with a selection of filters in Affinity photo iPad app :)
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    Notice The TP 52 Challenge for 2021 Post your submissions (only) here Week 14 Spring

    Week 13 - Easter Chocolate makes the world go round by Stuart Pearson, on Flickr
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    Weekly StuartPearson 52 for 2021 - Week 13 - Easter

    Week 13 - Easter Chocolate makes the world go round by Stuart Pearson, on Flickr
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    Four channel ESP-01 WiFi based relay unit - Windows application uploaded to Sourceforge

    I have just uploaded the Windows (10, should works on earlier versions) executable for an application I have developed to control the outputs on the widely available ESP-01 based WiFi four channel relay units. I have been introducing it’s use into my photography to trigger the camera and...
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    Dom's 52-21- A year older, but none the wiser. Wk: 13 Easter

    Alive Lovely portrait of your cat, looks very distnguished, will it get a place on a wall?
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    Weekly Boots' 52 for 2021

    Alive It amazes how Daffy's come up year after year, they certainly brighten up the place. Well juxtaposed given the location!
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    NickDs TP52 for 2021 - Week 13 - Easter

    I was busy reading your description not expecting the literal "sting in the tail". A great shot that tells a story, hopefully it escaped to live another day!!
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    Weekly Flyphots 52 for 2021: Week 13 'Easter'

    Alive Definitely an increase in the bees in recent weeks, I've spotted some that look more like the jumbo jet version!! A great shot of nature in action
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    Blakester's 52 for 2021 - Week 13 added - Easter

    Alive A nice pleasing image with a dreamy appeal, works well in mono, was there a reason to have the emptier area in the top left, as opposed to the top flower being centred?
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    Hadrons 52 for 21 Week 13 - Easter

    Alive Really pleasing shot with sharp details where it matters. would have loved to see a third even more out of focus daisy in the distance but that's me just being picky
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    Weekly Susiejb 52 in 2021 Easter

    Alive Great detail in something so small, I'm always in too minds about how much space to leave at the side, I might have tempted to crop it as a square
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    Weekly Robj20's 52 for 2021 - Week 12 - Alive

    Alive Nice flower, does look better on Flickr, I think it would benefit from a less contrasting background. How does it look shooting from above towards the ground maybe in portrait orientation?
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    Weekly mdpF2's weekly 52 - 2021

    Tall I think the building makes me think more of how tall the trees are towering over it
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    Weekly Kell's 2021 TP52 - week 13 - Easter added

    Alive Both great images, the look of indignation on the second one is great
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    Weekly StuartPearson 52 for 2021 - Week 13 - Easter

    There is no post processing, my interpretation of alive was the movement, it was just luck it looks like fire.