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    Christmas Has Come Early For Star Wars Fans

    One off boba fett series is promised too.
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    Beginner rule of thirds

    Like the pirate code [emoji3]
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    Isolation: Any Gamers? Even Old Ones?

    Horizon zero dawn, complete edition, is currently free on ps4, very good game.
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    Elephant Hawk moth

    My favourite moth, what a beautiful thing....and being able to see the whole process is fascinating.
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    Duracell LP-E6N good price

    Saw those, but they're double the price and I'm a tight git, and for me they last plenty long enough.
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    Duracell LP-E6N good price Maybe of...
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    Macleays Stick insect

    My adult female, busy laying eggs. 2nd photo, you can see an egg ready to be laid 002 by SuperGeeman, on Flickr 003 by SuperGeeman, on Flickr
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    Very interesting, what is your setup?
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    Night demon... (8 pics)

    Lovely shots, I've yet to see many insects to shoot, waiting for the warmer weather.
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    Beginner Some unusal DSLR questions?

    Person who replied years later, has done so on a couple of old threads....also joined on April 1st.....just saying....
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    stick insect close up

    Thanks Paul.
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    stick insect close up

    4mm wide, but still beautiful 002 by SuperGeeman, on Flickr
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    Gorgeous Female Zebra Jumping Spider (Salticus scenicus)

    Very nice, and well spotted....ive only ever seen one and managed a couple of quick snaps, they are quick!