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    002 by SuperGeeman, on Flickr
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    Mantis shed/moult

    Thanks, the width is less than 5mm, so was able to just get away with it
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    Mantis shed/moult

    No, it was 2 shots moving the focus point. Must try harder lol
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    Mantis shed/moult

    Luckily my pet mantis had just shed, and I was able to remove this, it usually gets trampled. Head width is just under 5mm. If you look closely, you can see my reflection in the eyes... 002-edit by SuperGeeman, on Flickr
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    Red and Gold

    great shots, detail and colours are superb
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    Diffusion trial again

    Watching this thread with interest, as I recently moved from the yongnuo yn24ex twin flash to a sigma ring flash for a similar reason....though to be fair, the sigma is almost a twin flash.....
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    Picture clean up

    here is my attempt 0001 by SuperGeeman, on Flickr
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    Recent macro safari

    Thanks for that [emoji106]
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    Recent macro safari

    Local wild flower meadow. Can anyone help with the butterflies? I can't find them online....thanks(y) 002-edit by SuperGeeman, on Flickr 003-edit by SuperGeeman, on Flickr 001-edit by SuperGeeman, on Flickr 006-edit by SuperGeeman, on Flickr 004-edit by SuperGeeman, on Flickr 007 by...
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    Wild Adder at home with added shots

    Well spotted and taken.
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    Camera jungle ?

    Recently had a nightmare with them, over a week to get a delivery date, had to take to social media to get a response......I won't be using them again.
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    The "crap time piece" owners thread

    We need to see this omega [emoji106]
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    Crab Spider with lunch

    Thanks guys, appreciate it [emoji106]
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    Moon craters

    That's a cracking shot
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    Crab Spider with lunch

    004-edit by SuperGeeman, on Flickr 002-edit by SuperGeeman, on Flickr