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    classic mini and 595 Abarth

    I've picked the camera up for rarely in the last 12 months and decided yesterday that needed to change.... Quick shoot with my son who is just starting his photography journey with his first camera and two of our cars Mini Cooper Si Sworks (4) by Mark, on Flickr Mini Cooper Si Sworks (2) by...
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    Good Experiance

    My Son has been using a Nikon d90 at uni and quite fancied one. Looking around and an MPB example in ’excellent’ condition with low shutter count seemed comparable with elsewhere. Ordered one along with an 18-105 lens also marked as ‘excellent’. Both arrived today when they should of and look to...
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    Autumn Photographs of my son

    These are brilliant, he looks like he’s having so much fun.
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    Impossible pc question

    It’s just an old slow pc. She is awaiting a laptop from work but not sure when it will appear, lots of red tape and a large company so lots of staff to sort. Just seems a good time to update the home pc as it needs doing anyway. Even burning a cd from iTunes takes an eternity
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    Impossible pc question

    Internet speed is good, My wife generally uses Microsoft office for work. She’s looking at iMacs at the moment
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    Impossible pc question

    Thanks for the help and suggestions guys
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    Impossible pc question

    Possibly around £500 to £700
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    Impossible pc question

    Yeah, we need a new one but don’t know what to look for as they are just numbers :)
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    Impossible pc question

    I’ll try that thanks
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    Impossible pc question

    Os is Windows 10, 4gb ram with 3.89 usable, C drive is showing 515gb free. We have three external hard drives attached to it so the pc is basically just software
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    Impossible pc question

    I’ve no idea, it was bought from pc World about 6 years ago for about £500. I’ll see if I can find it online, it‘S a Lenovo H30
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    Impossible pc question

    the home pc is around 6 years old and only used for running photoshop, lightroom, Microsoft office and iTunes. With my wife now working from home it’s so slow that she’s threatening to throw it out of the window. To ensure she’s happy, and feeling less ‘stabby’ what sort of spec should I be...
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    Hmm, time to dump flickr and finally build my own website?

    Looks like my Flickr pro has auto renewed, I was thinking of not doing so as Ive done very little photography in the last year but didn’t think it was due until the end of the month.
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    Best place to buy Genuine Canon Batteries ?

    Excellent thread. When I got my camera I bought a second battery which was just a cheap eBay or Amazon one as I don’t do much photography at the moment and the original Canon version was about £100. I’ve just noticed my original Canon battery wont charge so looking for another aftermarket one.
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    A place I’d like to go, what happened here should never be forgotten. Hopefully you can get the phots uploaded to share