any advice would be lovely

  1. Kellydphotography


    I am wanting to build an at home studio. And I need some opinions and advice. A house that we are looking at my studio would have to be in an attic space. This is 24'7"x10,10". Would this be a plausible space to have a studio? I'm thinking of the clients as I want to do family and alone...
  2. L

    Beginner RE: Setup for shooting internal building pictures.

    Hi, New to the forum looking for some advice. I'm a self employed builder and have been taking pictures of my work for years just using my phone for my website and any adverts which i produce etc. I want to start producing more high end looking images for said adverts etc. I have access to a...
  3. L

    Beginner Canon ixus 140

    Help please! Hi all, Firstly sorry to take up your guys/girls time! I'm pretty good @ taking pics with my phone 8mp camera however I'm a total novice with a camera! I got brought this camera 4 years ago for Xmas, not used it once. Shame on me. However going on a few cruises next year...