canon 5d mark iv

  1. T

    Noise Issues with interior photography, even with strobes and low ISO...

    I take product photos for a bedding company, and we shoot inside a home. I use studio strobes, and as far as I know, my camera settings are correct and the photos are well lit. I usually keep the ISO between 200-640 (640 for the darker rooms), and between f/11 and f/22. However, there is still...
  2. weebleswobble

    Changing from Canon 5DIV to Fuji XT-3 or Sony A7III

    I am considering selling all my Canon gear and moving to either a Fuji XT-3 or Sony A7 III. Am I mad?? I love my 5D but it is rather heavy and I do like to travel, ideally I would have both, but don't think the OH would go for that... I shoot all sorts but mainly end up with landscapes and...
  3. G

    No Histogram on Canon 5D Mark IV

    Hi There Im new here and I am really hoping someone can help me out. I have had a canon 5D for about 6 months now and I still cant get a histogram up in live view. I know it can be done and have searched the internet for help but to no avail. Please can someone help?
  4. MalcolmF

    Most flash function settings greyed out on 5D Mark IV

    I have a Canon 5D MK IV and have just purchased a Canon 580EX (not EXII) however using the camera menu the only function available is exposure compensation, ettl, second curtain sync and FEB are all greyed out, according to the specs the 5D MKIV is compatible with the 58 EX speedlite, any ideas...
  5. Marge3000

    Canon 5d mk iv-do I need it and is it genuine at this price?

    hi guys I just started studying for a photography degree part time. I have a canon 6d and a 40d. I’m being seduced by a 5d mk iv... Do I need it? Will I see that much of a step up? I guess some people will say camera doesn’t matter but I’m interested in your views. I’ve seen it in the web at...