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  1. S

    lens extender compatibility on RF mount

    I have an EOS R with the RF mount on the body and was wondering if I could use Canons 1.4x or 2x extender to place in-between the lens and the EF adapter?? has anybody done this and does it work with autofocus? if not does it still work with manual focusing? I want to use Canons mki 100-400mm...
  2. V

    (EOS R) Can I focus -while- holding the Depth-of-Field Preview Button?

    Hey all, I've been using the EOS-R for almost a year and now my only issue with the camera is being unable to focus while using DOF Preview. I've used Canons DSLRs in the past and used the feature frequently. I find it extremely beneficial being able to see what is exactly going to be in focus...
  3. Bevvo

    Canon EOS R Series Cameras

    Please feel free to discuss everything Canon EOS R related in this thread. First-hand experiences from owners would be appreciated, although not mandatory. At present there is just the EOS R in production, but it’s highly likely that the camera will be the first of many mirrorless R’s from...