1. TGphoto

    The Door

    Hi, Not often I do a really long exposure but I wanted to create this image for part of a b/w series I am doing. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts! Durdle%20Door%20by%20Thomas%20Green,%20on%20Flickr']Durdle Door by Thomas Green, on Flickr[/URL]
  2. garryknight

    My blog, mono log

    Back on the 31st of January this year, I started a blog on how I learnt to create monochrome photos, as someone who previously thought that mono "sucks the life out of the image". I've just uploaded my 29th post, "What a coincidence!" on what I call 'juxtapositions of coincidence' and how you...
  3. Holly


    Studio shoot
  4. Holly


    Studio shoot
  5. Ogwen valley

    Ogwen valley

    Evening in Wales
  6. TGphoto

    Critique Solitude.

    Hi all, Not sure whether this works or not. Not what I normally shoot but I was driving past the other day and happened to have my camera on me so jumped out and took a shot (ISO1250 as had no tripod). DSC_7259 by Thomas Green, on Flickr']DSC_7259 by Thomas Green, on Flickr[/URL] Let me know...
  7. TheAndyA

    Black and White Barley

    Three Barley photos from a local field, taken on Friday.
  8. Geoff Moore

    Meteor Hunting - Castell Dinas Bran

    This was one tough adventure, and one i'm feeling this week at work. Having felt like I have played the part of a soldier in the nursery rhythm 'The grand old Duke of York' my legs are shot! Despite all my walking up and down the hills, the weather on this occasion just didn't match the...
  9. Moey

    Misty Morning Stroll.. ..

    I covered an engagement shoot at the weekend. We went to a local park where the early morning mist was still lingering. Here is one of the shots. I would have preferred the girl to have had her head straight as it looks attached to her partners head, but I was concentrating on the bit of...
  10. Moey

    Goose in Mono

    One from today.. .. ..there were two other geese either side that I decided to remove.. .. .
  11. Moey

    Vaping in Mono

    I was asked to shoot an outdoor birthday party recently. One of the guests was walking into the sunlight whilst vaping. I noticed the smoke looked great backlit, so I asked him if he's mind me shooting one of him, to which he obliged. I used a fast shutter to try and get this shot. Some p&p...
  12. David Street

    Macro Noir

    My latest macro project...a dumbel. I created this from a stack of 34 images. Pretty happy with how this turned out but I am going to revisit the subject as I think there is more I can do with it.
  13. Stuart Mc

    The Scafell Mountain Range

    The highest ground in England is mostly shot from the Wasdale side given the views down the lake are fantastic - however the views up the Eskdale Valley are equally superb, perhaps even more spectacular although quite a bit out of the way for most. I shot these from the top of Hardknott fell...
  14. david357


    A couple of images of Maddie from a shoot last week: Maddie 157 by david357 on Talk Photography maddii mono by david357 on Talk Photography
  15. ynot

    A couple of spirals

    Full Circle by Tony Sellen, on Flickr Stack Em' by Tony Sellen, on Flickr
  16. MrDrizz

    Another of Salford Quays, mono panoramic.

    Still learning my post processing skills. Used Silver Efx. DSCF0478-Edit-2-Edit-1-2 by Mr Drizz, on Flickr
  17. AndyWest

    Seascape leading line

    7 Sisters using the Olympus PEN-f and the 17mm f1.8 7 Sisters leading line by Andy West, on Flickr
  18. maddog.mark

    B&W Santa Maria del Camí, Mallorca

    An empty street just round the corner from a bustling market in Mallorca. DSCF511 by Mark, on Flickr
  19. Stuart Mc

    A Head for Heights

    Took this on the walk up to Great Gable last week, facing directly into the sun the haze was really bright so thought I'd try it in mono. Unsure if needs a crop or not or if I've highlighted the right areas. FYI the drop behind that sheep is about 600ft if that helps with understanding the title...
  20. ynot

  21. ynot

    Some people in some places

    On Your by Tony Sellen, on Flickr The Contact by Tony Sellen, on Flickr The Unknown by Tony Sellen, on Flickr Jog On by Tony Sellen, on Flickr