printing via lightroom

  1. Bebop

    Printing issues from a different Lightroom catalog

    I've been printing photos through Lightroom CC making calendars on my Canon Pro 1 using double sided matt paper and managing the colour with icc profiles. All has gone well for 30+ prints until today when I tried to print some photos from a different older Lightroom catalog ( for photos from...
  2. Dael_Pix

    Canon Pixma MG5250 ICC profile?

    Anyone know where I can find a profile for this printer?
  3. monkeyleader

    Printing A3+ and Border Issues [Help Please]

    Hi, I'm trying to get an A3+ print out but for some reason one of the borders is printing much thicker than I'm asking. I'm printing via Lightroom Print module - Page Setup (width 330mm, Height 485mm) - Non Printable area (6.35mm all sides) - On Epson SC-P600 (paper size defined as A3+) -...