1. gregww1

    Photographing the Snowdonia Mountains - Nick Livesey

    Well, he's probably not going to really blow his own trumpet, so I'll do it for him. Our very own Nick Livesey has finally released his Snowdonia Mountains guidebook published by FotoVue. This will no doubt very quickly become a bible of sorts for landscapers wanting to explore the mountains of...
  2. Justin Case

    DJI Phantom 4 vs Phantom 4 Pro, the ultimate birds fight!

    I don't know if many of you are interested in drones. But if you are, you find here a lot of footage comparing the two drones: DJI Pantom 4 to the DJI Phantom 4 Pro View:
  3. Mark Evans

    The most versatile camera in the world?

    First time on the forum :) (please be gentle!). Heres my first camera review of what is quite possibly the most versatile camera you can have on your possession. View: Surprisingly decent quality for such a low price camera! Not saying it comes close to dslr...
  4. ChrisR

    My first two rolls of Film Ferrania P30

    (Some of this has already appeared in the “New Film on the way” thread, but since that’s primarily about a different film, and because it might be of interest beyond TP Film & Conventional, I’ve re-written some of it here.) A few years ago, I supported the Film Ferrania Kickstarter for their...
  5. Indecent Exposer

    Review The British Photography Awards: Get involved! (Admin Aware)

    This post has been approved by Admin. Hi All, I'd like to introduce a new non-profit project that my team have set up, and give you a chance to get involved and help us do as much good as possible. The British Photography Awards or 'Toggies' is a new kind of photographic prize that uses the...
  6. Tykepix

    Lens Comparison

    I have a Canon 600D and am wanting a lens for wildlife photography. I am looking at the Tamron SP300 f2.8 (complete with two extenders and a variety of filters) for £500 second-hand (on a website and a Sigma 150-500 f5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM at £399 second-hand (on As I'm new...
  7. RandomlySet

    Watch Review | Lorus VD57-X019

    Morning all, I've uploaded my first watch review video on my Lorus VD57-X019 (I'll be doing the reviews in the order of acquiring each watch). Just a couple of things first. The quality is a little poor as I had the export bitrate set lower than normal. Also, I lost all of my original audio...
  8. P

    The Sinar F2 - A great camera for parties (according to Ebay)

    I shoot a bit of large format and so was scouring the internet for some info. While doing so I came across this. Admittedly, some bits of it are correct, but others are.....