1. WillNicholls

    Win a Luxury Photo Safari Worth $7,500! (It's free!)

    Admin Edit : Approved ENDING TONIGHT AT 11.45PM! Yes, that's right! Over at Nature TTL, we are giving away a luxury photo safari to the Maasai Mara worth $7,500. I'm so excited to bring this competition prize to you guys. I just wish I could enter myself! The prize is a 3-night stay, with a...
  2. C

    Beginner Amateur Photographer needs camera for trip to South Africa

    Hi All, Apologies in advance for such a long post I am off to South Africa for 6 months from June and am finding it extremely difficult to decide which camera would be best for me. I have not done much photography at all, but after a recent trip to Zimbabwe, one of my biggest regrets was only...
  3. Reviesic Media

    Beginner Travelling to South Africa

    Hi all, I am off to South Africa next November on a safari and I'd prefer not taking a suitcase plus a separate camera bag. My question is really, what backpacks do you recommend that can hold my gear and almost 2 weeks of clothes, swimwear, personal hygiene things and documentation? I cannot...
  4. Hope

    Garonga! Safari Camp - Kruger National Park - Camera Bag

    Hi everyone! I am looking for some avid travellers/safari go-ers. In March we will be visiting Cape Town for around a week, it is our first time in South Africa and after that we will be staying in the beautiful Garonga Safari Camp west of Kruger National Park which looks absolutely glorious...
  5. Debi Turner

    South African safari sunset - opinion please?

    Hi Everyone Total newbie but would like honest feedback on this - I love it but I know I won't consider all the elements of it like a pro would. I simply love the different colours of the sky, the shadows of the trees at the front and the haze of the mountains in the distance. Thanks Debi...
  6. Michael Sewell

    Copy Me Lighting Thread #18 - Lighting the Bat!

    This image was from a shoot at the tail end of summer '15. Basically, we wanted to create a cinematic look, with the hallmarks of the DC comic hero's stomping ground. A number of things were needed, such as an interesting sky, although not necessarily a sunset. A good overcast sky, with lots of...