1. david1701

    Critique on a seascape

    What do people think of this one, I'm not sold on the retouching and I'm open to opinions on the composition.
  2. West Beach 200719 Small 1.jpg

    West Beach 200719 Small 1.jpg

    Sunset from West Beach, Lossiemouth in Moray, Scotland. One of my favourite views.
  3. PhotoBoris

    Brighton Pier

    Gosh, it was a windy, horrible day yesterday. I originally planned to do a panorama of the pier, but once I had stitched it in ICE I found that an A4 crop worked better. Brighton Pier on A Windy Day by G B, on Flickr
  4. StingerNikon

    Isle of Skye

    This is my favorite location in Scotland. The Old Man of Storr. Sunrise.
  5. Will.B

    Milton Sands Rock Arch

    Happened upon this lovely place on a day trip in Devon.
  6. Jake

    One for critique, long exposure off the Portuguese coast

    Hello all, Not posted anything for critique for a long time but I am feeling especially pleased with this one, and I am always looking to improve. So lets have at it! Yesterday we visited Praia do Magoito, a beach in Sintra. As we approached the temperature dropped and for what should have...
  7. jmcdyre

    Critique Stormy Welsh Coast

    Not posted on here for a while. Was lucky enough (?) to be in Wales during the recent stormy weather and managed to get these that I enjoy, but as ever happy to receive pointers to improve. Biggest hurdle on all of these was having to protect my camera (D5600) from the spray being blown my way...
  8. SFTPhotography

    Dunure Beach seascapes

    Three from the beach in front of the castle on the Ayrshire coast. The plan had been to shoot the castle but due to the very low tide I couldn't find a composition that worked so I took these instead _DSC0914 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC2471 (1) by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC2528 by...
  9. monkeyleader

    Tom Swooshery ...

    Old Tom up to his old tricks again :)
  10. Will.B

    Byron Dreamtime

    Hello, been a while since i've posted anything. Been a while since i took any pics really. I got out the other day though and had a wander at the beach in a town i was staying in for a few days. Byron Bay on east coast of Australia. I'm out here travelling and seeing some family and friends...
  11. T

    South Coast NSW

    I post so infrequently these days, something I need to change. I much prefer the feedback I receive here compared to some likes on Instagram. Here is a shot I took on a weekend away down the South Coast of NSW, the area has by many accounts a world class coastline for photographers, and I'm...
  12. wessyfiesta

    Humber Sunset

    Humber Bridge taken from north Lincoln over looking Yorkshire Over looking Yorkshire by sam gosnay, on Flickr
  13. CMCImages

    Bamburgh Trip

    First time visit to Bamburgh Castle the other morning and it was an amazing morning, Watching the sun rise over such a stunning area was spectacular. This is a few shots from my morning down there. 1. 2. 3. Hope you enjoy looking at the images, I am looking forward to Winter when the...
  14. monkeyleader

    A Trip to the Herringpond

    Morning all, One of my go-to places in all conditions is The Herringpond in Portstewart, Northern Ireland. And the location for my latest vlog ... Have a great week everyone .. cheers, Nigel
  15. wessyfiesta

    Filey Beach

    Filey Beach by sam gosnay, on Flickr Filey Beach taken from the brigg
  16. monkeyleader


    The Herringpond, Portstewart, Northern Ireland. One of the locations I visit again and again (and again). Have a great weekend folks .... (well unless you are a Burnley fan)
  17. J

    First picture post - CC please

    Hi, I have been taking photo's for just over three months now and I'm really enjoying it. I have found that i'm mainly drawn to the coast due to living near it and sunrise being the best time for me to get out. Anyway I took this last week whilst trying out my new lens. The tide was really...
  18. monkeyleader

    Light on the Horizon

    Shrove Stone Jetty, Co.Donegal at sunrise .. Shot on the Fuji XE2 with the 10-24mm lens ... Formatt Hitech 4 stop and 3 stop soft edge used ...
  19. monkeyleader

    Mother Nature Wins ....

    ... Well it's the main reason why I love being outside, the battle with mother nature, be that a subtle one chasing pockets of light, or a full on in your face, your camera is going to die soon, kinda battle ... You can probably guess which one it was on this particular day. Some footage from...
  20. SFTPhotography

    Critique Rattray Head Lighthouse. Golden light through to Twilight.

    A close friend of mine has moved to Aberdeen to take a masters degree in IT so I go up that way to visit him from time to time. This gives me a rare chance to do a photo outing in a part of Scotland I would probably never visit. The last time I saw him I decided to visit Bow Fiddle Rock before...
  21. monkeyleader

    Swimmers Paradise

    And so begins my own print journey ... The Herringpond, Portstewart, Northern Ireland.
  22. Broken

    Landscape / Seascape / sunset Equipment

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to the forums I've been a member for roughly 8 months but i tend to read and look mostly and not post :) but I'm going away for 5 days next week and was wondering what sort of Filters i will need for doing stuff like Landscape / Seascape / Sunsets ? I mostly shoot...
  23. jmcdyre

    Beginner A few shots after taking on a few tips...

    Hi Folks, I posted a few shots a couple of months ago for your opinions, and received some great tips. So I've been putting them to use on a recent trip to Donegal, Ireland and would like to share for even more tips :) Leitir by J McDyre, on Flickr shame about the telephone lines :( Dooey...
  24. TheAndyA

    Sandsend in Pastel

    Rather unusual for me, but I managed to get up at stupid o'clock and make my way to Sandsend for the sunrise. The sunrise was a bit of a let down, but I'm quite happy with some of the photos from the morning.
  25. monkeyleader

    Chasing the Right Level of Swooshery

    Swooshery ... fabulous word I say .. I talk a little more about chasing the 'right' level of Swooshery in my latest blog post .. Fuji XE2 + 10-24mm, Formatt Hitech 4 stop ND and 3 stop ND Grad 20mm, f/13, 1 second Malin Head, Co.Donegal Donegal ...
  26. monkeyleader

    Another Moment on Malin Head

    Still trying to avoid those wookies ...
  27. AndyWest

    Seascape leading line

    7 Sisters using the Olympus PEN-f and the 17mm f1.8 7 Sisters leading line by Andy West, on Flickr
  28. Talacre Lighthouse Sunset

    Talacre Lighthouse Sunset

    Seascape Sunset at Talacre Lighthouse North Wales UK