sony rx100

  1. K

    Replacement screen for Sony RX100ii

    Looking for subject item and just wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to get one (ideally new, otherwise pristine)?
  2. J

    Sony RX100M3 SDXC Read/Write Speeds

    I currently have a Integral Ultima Pro (20mb/s) SDHC card in my Sony RX100M3. I find that quite often the read/write speeds are a little on the slow side as I can find that after taking a photo, if I try to delete it too quickly I get a messaging saying something like "Writing to memory card...
  3. saxton-mac

    Beginner Allotment Wasteland

    Hi all, Been wanting this shot for a while, but not 100% happy with the final product. Cant seem to pull out the details in the trees enough for my liking. Would be grateful for all your thoughts though! :)
  4. thesimonvincent

    Beginner Newbie Looking for Helpful Advice & Critique

    Hi, I am new here and this is my first post, so sorry if I ramble on a bit, but there are some questions in there (somewhere) and really just after peoples advice I guess. I am in no way a professional photographer (my trade is website development and social media marketing), but do have a very...