Daily 2014 365!!!

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Hey guys I'm posting this early as I'm excited lol, as some of you will know this year i attempted a 365 but due to work commitments my horses and such it became more of a hassle then fun so it didn't make it too the end. neither the less i learnt alot from doing it and it has made me even more determined to do another one in the new year but i found i struggled alot with ideas on what too shoot as i could always get out of the house in daylight and i don't like going out and shooting in the dark on my own (20 year old girl and camera gear in my area you are asking for trouble) but for the new year i have come up with an idea that will really suit me!

I am going to be doing an Equine 365!

This is perfect for me as i have to go and do my horses everyday anyway and if I'm not down my own yard you will usually find me at a horse show or down my friends yard. Photos will mostly consist of my own 3 horses and the 2 that share a field with them but will also include horses from shows and my friends horses too.

As much as i would love to make it a different horse for each day i think that would be pushing my luck to far as i would end up going in search of new horses to take pictures of and some horse owners can be funny about you taking pictures of there horses.

so what do you guys think? and do you have any tips to help me reach the 365 goal?