A "Selfie" taken in 1900"

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The one below it is even earlier, 1839, that is the one I'd always thought was the first 'selfie' - it was either that or one of a woman who took a photo of herself in a bedroom mirror - I found it fascinating when I read about it :) Love those old photo stories. Apparently the guy who took it would have had to stand dead still for 3 minutes or more, depending on the light at the time of shooting

More on it here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013...-robert-cornelius_n_4392804.html?guccounter=1

Within that article there's a link to the woman in the mirror, that was 1900 too, so he seems to have been first official
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I agree with petersmart, nothing new about it.

Selfie had became a slang word for self-portrait. It had kind of became a new word for when using a smartphone instead of an actual camera to take a photo of self (and usually for the purpose of uploading to social media). Taking self-portrait photographs of yourselves in the mirror have been around for like a hundred of years, since the birth of photography. I can't understand why do people nowadays, when they see an old self-portrait photograph, they goes like "Oh look! An early selfie!" as if the meaning of self-portrait never exist.

But then again, self-portrait already exists long before photography when some people would paint a picture of themselves while looking at a mirror, so in a sense, selfie already exists very, very long before smartphones.

It's old news.