Alternative belts to S&F Belt

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I have a Lowepro S&F vest, which I got second hand. I am looking for a belt to go with it. The S&F belt is ridiculously expensive, but does include a slider at the back to put the strap that hangs down from the vest through it plus two clips to clip on the vest to the belt.
Does anyone use an OEM belt with the S&F vest, and if so, can you recommend something cheaper than Lowepro's belt please?
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I have the S+F vest and Deluxe Technical Belt. This belt uses the strap at the back and has two loops to go through the belt at the front, either side of the buckle. The two clips play no part with this particular belt. Lowepro also made the S+F Light Utility Belt and its possible these use the two clips at the front but it looks like there is no means of securing the rear belt.
I see the main purpose of the vest is to take some of the weight of the belt where I concentrate the weight of whatever I'm carrying. The 2 carabiners on my vest were used to attach a Lowepro Toploader, which gave quick and easy access but blocked the view immediately in front of my feet, not great when hill walking so I no longer carry the camera there. I add or subtract pouches according to need on the day

A cheap alternative would be an Army Surplus web belt, very strong and could be combined with other MOD pouches made to mount on the belt. It would likely allow the mounting of Lowepro cases that have the double velcro attachment system, but I'd check the width of the belt and pouch mounting to be certain. Failing that, I'd keep and eye out on the likes of Ebay for a secondhand Lowepro belt to turn up at a sensible price.