Anyone got a clue about CEWE?

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For the last few years I've made a book of photos via Photobox for the grandparents. PB is not the greatest quality, but they're happy. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I've missed their deadline (12th if you want decent quality) and am struggling to use Cewe (only because the deadline is the 17th). Everything I copy to a photobook is cropped - it chops off the edges. I use a Canon 5D4 and have uploaded JPGs. I can zoom in, but it won't let me zoom out, regardless of whether I use their website, or whether I use their insanely bloated software. I am finding a major contrast between the online reviews and the real experience of using this firm TBH, but I do not know how else I'll get photobook printed by Xmas. I am really quite desperate at this point. I even thought about buying tablets for the GPs and putting the photos on that, but the batteries will go after a year or two, unlike a book.

Can anyone explain why it crops everything? It makes no sense to me. I have 250 photos, so it'll take days if I resize them myself. Photobox does it for you.

If you know of an alternative to the dystopian experience (the software is seriously weird) that is Cewe I'd be obliged.

Thanks in advance!
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You can give Snapfish a go. Has a simple userfriendly interface and you can easily reposition the photos to your liking when a crop is needed.
Also if you considered buying tablets why nit getting them a digital photoframe. Plugs in so no need to worry about batteries and photos will be on a constant slideshow. I have one and I find myself smiling most days reliving moments depicted. Just a thought.
Thanks. I ended up using Photobox again...(not great quality).

I think that overall, Cewe's software (using their site) is far better than Photobox. My only problem is the scaling issue detailed here. After posting here, I went back and found that it was only occurring with certain photos, yet all photos had the same amount of pixels and came from the same camera. It seemed to randomly not be able to scale some photos down, whereby I'd get a crop of the person's body (for example), but the scale slider would be fully left at zero, and I couldn't fit them into the frame. It's a shame, as the rest of their interface is good and I like it.

Regarding the Cewe software: It took up 807MB of disk space on my PC. It's fantastically bloated for for something so rudimentary in function. My advice would be to use their photo storage (free) and then take photos out of that using their online tools. I've uninstalled it.
I've used Blurb for over 10 years (prefer Booksmart over Bookwright, but you can upload ready made books using Lightroom too) and thought their quality was way beyond Photobox. However, I think it would be very unlikely to receive the book in time for Christmas if you ordered it on the 12th as they have to be sent from Holland.