Apple air play terrible on Monterey?

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I've used a Catalina mac and a Big Sur one with airplay without many issues. But on Monterey there's only one word for it. Garbage. It takes 2 minutes or more to even start playing on a home pod which is near instant from an iPad and also near instant from an older Catalina mac. Sometimes it won't start at all so I have to keep restarting the music app to make it work at all which is pathetic. It also defaults to playing on the Mac internal speakers out loud immediately even if homepods are selected which again is stupid.

Anyone had the same issue and got a fix? Playing from an iPad poor as well as it continually forgets what speakers were chosen and switches back to the iPad itself. Again that's dumb. Music app on the mac remembers the speakers set but it takes AGES to actually make a sound. It plays immediately but you can't hear it at all. Makes no difference if it's on wifi or the gigabit ethernet. It's definitely not network related in that sense. I play from AppleTV a lot and that's instant. It's weird how one method works ok and others using the same idea are just a car crash.

Hitting next track to skip one and it pauses yet again. It's appallingly bad. It's like it's trying to get them from apple but I've got the entire library downloaded so it's being idiotic.

It's so bad it literally ruins the point of having homepods at all. If you pause it in can takes ages to start again as well. It's just dreadful. I'm baffled how Apple has been so bad at testing and developing that a flagship thing like Airplay is now so third rate.

Unfortunately, I can't update this mac to later than Monterey.

Any bright ideas?
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Changing the view option to downloaded music only it's slightly better but it's still rubbish if you have paused playback then return later. Should be faultless like it is on catalina but nope. Takes at least a minute and meanwhile it cuts in and out of a song. Still starts playing out loud on the mac when that is NOT ticked too. 0/10 for testing for apple as it's such an obvious error.

Maybe not, but people are very quick to blame the OS. The fact is that myself and I'm sure millions of others do not have issues with Airplay on Monterey so maybe an hint to look elsewhere for the problem instead of just bad mouthing Apple.

Lucky for the OP that your post was much more helpful ;)
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It's back to being rubbish again. Have to keep restarting the music app to make it play at all. Did think it might be because one of the homepods decided to log out of iTunes and that showed up on the Home app. Worked ok for about a week and today it's back to being useless.