Approached by a media agency for an article, what should I know?

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I've been approached by a media agency (they're genuine, I've checked!) who saw some of my Urbex images on a FB group and want to do an article ( few questions and some of my pics) that they would then send out to see if any publications etc were interested.

Obviously I'm delighted but just want to see if there's anything I need to be cautious of?

This is all a bit new to me so I want to keep myself right.
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They may be genuine, but are they reputable/trustworthy?

I'm certainly no expert but...

Whenever I've syndicated newsy images via a regional news agency it's always under the agreement of a 50/50 split of the sales.

I supply the photos (my job is done - quick & easy); they then compile a saleable package of words & pics, negotiate, sell, track usage, invoice, receive payments, chase late payments, chase infringers etc. and then pay me my 50% split 2-4 months later (dependent on how swiftly they receive payments from the publications).

Obviously you need to be able to trust the agency as ultimately only they know how much they've actually earned and it's down to their honesty if they pay you the correct amount due.

You need to decide what financial arrangement is agreeable to you (split of sales or maybe a one off fee), will the images be placed with syndication agencies after the initial sale of the story+photos package, what about international sales, is this a time limited one-off arrangement etc. etc.?

Hopefully others will be along with some helpful advice.

For me it's hassle free money, while they have all the tedious bits to manage - well worth a 50% split IMO.